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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

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LaMonte died of a heart attack at the age of forty-seven (on October 2, 1949).
It is now five years since anyone has heard his booming voice and felt the
hearty warmth of his handshake. John LaMonte was not only widely respected
for his scholarly achieve ment, he was deeply beloved by those who knew him
best for his kindness and generosity, for a largeness of heart and spirit
which always placed his time and strength at the disposal of the friends
and students, historians old and young, who turned to him for help. A lover
of witty stories, an amiable companion, a thought ful host, LaMonte had a
buoyant nature which had held off death, with courage and without complaint,
through three hard years of ill health, anima qualem non canclidiorem terra
tulit! This History of the Crusades is thus curiously bound up with the academic
lives of four men, and to these four this volume and those to come are dedicated.
If Munro and LaMonte are gone, Duncalf and Krey are very much with us, and
to them in Byzantine fashion we wish "many years". 
 In March 1950 the present writer was appointed LaMonte's suc cessor in the
University of Pennsylvania and soon thereafter be came editor-in-chief of
the History. Since that time two brief reports of our slow progress have
been published.6 At last we have produced the first volume, and we have incurred
many obligations in its production and in the accumulation of the many chapters
on hand for subsequent volumes. The editors owe much to the board of advisors
whose names appear on a preceding page; I give especial thanks to Professors
Austin P. Evans of Columbia and Joseph R. Strayer of Princeton, to whom I
have often turned for help most readily given. Mention must be made of the
consistent interest taken in this work by Dr. Charles R. D. Miller, executive
secretary of the Mediaeval Academy of America, under whose auspices and sponsorship
the work appears. We are most grateful to President Gaylord P. Harnwell of
the University of Pennsyl vania and to former President George Wm. McClelland
for the financial undertakings which have made this volume possible and assured
the publication of its successors. Dr. Edwin B. Williams, Provost of the
University of Pennsylvania, a distinguished philo logist and good friend
of sound learning, has supported the History of the Crusades with unceasing
encouragement from its inception. 
 6 Kenneth M. Setton, "The Pennsylvania History of the Crusades," Speculum,
XXVI (' 95'), 578—58 1, and "History of the Crusades," Tear Book of
the American Philosophical 
Society, 1952, pp. 222—226. 

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