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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany / A program to foster citizen participation in government and politics in Germany

14. German legislation,   pp. 31-32 PDF (972.2 KB)

15. Reports and analyses,   p. 32 PDF (237.3 KB)

Page 32

jectives of the program. Many laws which, deal
with wholly unrelated subjects will, nevertheless,
have provisions which either advance -or are in-
consistent with these objectives. They should be
noted and reported.
Where laws are contrary to the objectives of the
program, IPG and the Land Offices may properly
discuss the objectionable features with officials
and legislators and recommend correction. They
may advise German organizations in this field.
They will work with Germans to secure and sup-
port legislation which furthers the program ob-
15. Reports and Analyses
Too little information upon activities and accom-
plishments under this program has flowed from
the Resident -Officers to the Land Offices'., from the
Land'Offices to IPG, and from IPG to thrae Depart-
ment. It is essential that an adequate  reporting
system be installed. Important items shou1ld be the
subject of interim reports; there should be quar-
terly a comprehensive report. Reports ffrom Ger-
man grantees should be included, at leasst in sum-
mary, in the reports from the Land OfficCes.
It is not'desired to add further to the 1burden of
the resident, Land and Headquarters cpffices by
requiring needless reporting. But the American
people will not continue to support thisS program
unless they know that something is bei-lig accom-
plished, and an intelligent development otf the pro-
gram for the future requires that we k1now what
has been accomplished, what difficulties lhave been
encountered, and what improvements can. be made.
The reports should be directed to these ends.

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