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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany / A program to foster citizen participation in government and politics in Germany

Dayton, Kenneth
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The program set forth on the following pages was prepared in June
1950. In view of international developments since that time, there has
been a relative shift of interest among Germans and in HICOG from inter-
nal problems toward foreign relations.
But our basic policy, to seek a democratic Germany created and sup-
ported by the active interest and cooperation of free and informed citizens,
remains. The definition of the problems and the statement of the goals in
the following pages are unchanged. The methods suggested to interest
individual Germans in public affairs and to make more effective the ex-
pression of their interest are still valid. New items and new approaches
have been developed in the light of changing conditions, but it has seemed
better to issue the program in its original form than to incur additional
delay through rewriting it to add these new factors.
Accordingly, the program is circulated for the guidance of those work-
ing in this field and the information of those interested in the subject
Kenneth Dayton
Chief, Internal Political &
Governmental Affairs Division
Office of Political Affairs
January 15, 1951

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