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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Note from the Soviet Foreign Ministry to the American Ambassador at Moscow (Thompson), regarding Berlin, November 27, 1958,   pp. 317-331 PDF (7.1 MB)

Page 321

the Potsdam Agreement later, cannot, of course, disclaim its share of
the responsibility for carrying out this agreement.
Having embarked upon the restoration of the military and eco-
nomic potential of West Germany, the Western Powers revived and
strengthened the very forces that had forged Hitler's war machine.
Had the Western Powers honored the Potsdam Agreement they would
have prevented the German militarists from regaining their positions,
checked revanche tendencies, and not permitted Germany to create
an army and an industry manufacturing the means of destruction.-
However, it is a known fact that the governments of the Three Pow-
ers not only failed to do this but, on the contrary, sanctioned the crea-
tion of a West German army and are encouraging the arming of the
Federal Republic of Germany, disregarding the commitments made
at Potsdam. Moreover, they included West Germany in the North
Atlantic bloc, which was created behind the back of the Soviet Union
and, as everyone is aware, against it, and are now arming West Ger-
many with atomic and rocket weapons.
It is evident that the bitter lessons of the murderous war have been
lost on certain Western statesmen, who are once again dragging out
the notorious Munich policy of inciting German militarism against
the Soviet Union, their recent comrade in arms.
The legitimate question arises as to whether the very promoters
of the present Western policy with respect to Germany can guarantee
that the German militarism nurtured by them will not once again
turn against its present partners and that the American, British, and
French peoples will not have to pay with their blood for the viola-
tion by the governments of the Three Western Powers of the Allied
agreements on the peaceful and democratic development of Germany.
It is doubtful whether anyone can give such guarantees.
The policy of the USA, Britain, and France with respect to West
Germany has led to the violation of those provisions of the Potsdam
Agreement designed to ensure the unity of Germany as a peace-
loving and democratic state. And when a separate state, the Federal
Republic of Germany, was set up independently [of the Soviet
Union] in West Germany, which was occupied by 'the troops of the
Three Powers, East Germany, where forces determined not to allow
the German people to be plunged once again into disaster assumed
the leadership, had no alternative but too create in its turn an
independent state.
Thus, two states came into being in Germany. Whereas in West
Germany, whose development was directed by the United States
Britain, and France, a government took office the representatives of
which do not conceal their hatred for the Soviet Union and often
openly advertise the similarity of their aspirations to the plans of the
Hitlerite aggressors, in East Germany a government was formed
which has irrevocably broken with Germany's aggressive past. State
and public, affairs in the German Democratic Republic are governed
by a constitution fully in keeping with the principles of the Potsdam.
Agreement and the finest progressive traditions of the German
nation. The rule of monopolies and Junkers has been abolished for-
ever in the GDR. Naziism has been eradicated and a number of
other social and economic reforms have been carried out, which have
destroyed the basis for the revival of militarism and have made the

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