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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Joint communiqué of the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic, August 22, 1953,   pp. 112-114 PDF (1.3 MB)

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The decision of the Soviet Government envisages:
The termination of reparations removals from the German
Democratic Republic from January 1, 1954:
the transfer, without compensation, to the ownership of the
GDR of the plants of the Soviet joint-stock companies in Get-
the reduction of the obligations of the GDR to make payments
in connection with the presence of the Soviet forces on the terri-
tory of the German Democratic Republic, so that the annual total
does not exceed five percent of the revenue of the state budget of
the GDR;
the release of the GDR from the payment of such debts in for-
eign currencies as have arisen as occupation costs since 1945;
the release of Germany from the payment of postwar state debts.
to the Soviet Union.
About the agreement reached in this connection the two parties have
signed a Protocol whose text is published below.'
In the course of the negotiations, agreement was also reached on.
certain other questions relating to the consolidation and development
of economic, cultural, and scientific-technical collaboration between
the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic.
Among other things, it was agreed that the Soviet Union will deliver
to the German Democratic Republic during 1953, over and above the
value of the current trade agreement, commodities to a value of ap-
proximately rubles 590 million, including foodstuffs, hard coal, rolling
mill products, copper, lead, aluminum, cotton, and other goods.
The Soviet Union grants the German Democratic Republic a credit
to the amount of rubles 485 million, including rubles 135 million in
freely convertible curency. The credit is granted at a rate of interest
of two percent per annum and is to be repaid over two years from 1955.
At the request of the Governmental Delegation of the GDR, the
following was agreed:
In accordance with fixed procedures, measures will be taken in
order to free the German prisoners of war from serving the, re-
mainder of the punishment to which they have been sentenced for
crimes committed during the war, with the exception of those
guilty of particularly grave crimes against peace and humanity.
Desirous of strengthening and developing further the friendly
relations existing between the Soviet Union and the German
Democratic Republic, the bulwark of the-struggle of the German
people for a united, peacelo ving, demcratic Germany, the two
parties have agreed to raise the status of the Diplomatic Mission
of the U.S.S.R. in Berlin and the Diplomatic Mission of the Ger-
man Democratic Republic in Moscow to the rank of Embassies
and to exchange Ambassadors.
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