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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Western declaration on Germany, the European Defense Community, and Berlin, May 27, 1952,   pp. 102-103 PDF (826.1 KB)

Second report of the United Nations commission to investigate conditions for free elections in Germany, August 5, 1952,   pp. 103-107 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 103

DOCUMENTS ON GERMANY, 1944-59              103
For these various reasons, including the fact that these new guar-
-antees will apply to the States concerned only as members of one or
the other of these organizations, the Governments of the United
Kingdom and the United States have an abiding interest, as has the
CGovernment- of France, in -the effectiveness of the treaty creating the
European Defense Community and in the strength and integrity of
that Community. Accordingly, if any action from whatever quarter
-threatens the integrity or unity of the Community, the two Govern-
ments will regard this as a threat to their own security. They will
act in accordance with Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty. More-
over, they have each expressed their resolve to station such forces
on the continent of Europe, including the Federal Republic of Ger-
-many, as they deem necessary and appropriate to contribute to
the joint defense of the North Atlantic Treaty area, having regard to
-their obligations under the North Atlantic Treaty, their interest in
the integrity of the European Defense Community, and their special
-responsibilities in Germany.
The security and welfare of Berlin and the maintenance of the
-position of the three powers there are regarded by the three powers
as essential elements of the peace of the free world in the present
international situation. Accordingly, they will maintain armed
-forces within the territory of Berlin as long as their responsibilities
-require it. They therefore reaffirm that they will treat any attack
against Berlin from any quarter as an attack upon their forces and
These new security guarantees supersede the assurances contained
-in the declaration of the. Foreign, Ministers of France, the United
'Kingdom and the United States at-New York on September 19th,
Second Report of the United Nations Commission to Investigate
Conditions for Free Elections in Germany, August 5, 19521
1. The United Nations Commission to investigate Conditions for
Free Elections in Germany submits to the Secretary-General the
present report covering its work during the period from May to
August 1952 in pursuance of the direction given to it by the General
Assembly of the United Nations.
2. In compliance with the direction given to it under the terms of
paragraph 4(a) of the resolution adopted by the General Assembly
on 20 December 1951 (resolution 510(VI)) on the agenda item en-
titled "Appointment of an impartial international commission under
United Nations supervision to carry out a simultaneous investigation
in the Federal Republic of Germany, in Berlin, and in the Soviet
Zone of Germany in order to determine whether existing conditions
there make it possible to hold genuinely free elections throughout
these areas", the Commission submitted on 1 May 1952 [30 Ap'ril] its
report on the results of its efforts to make the necessary arrangements
with all the parties concerned to enable it to undertake its work ac-
cording to the terms of the said resolution.
1 Ibid., vol. II, pp. 1814-1819. Excerpts from the first report (April 3G,
1952) are
printed 8upra.

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