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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Letter from the American, British, and French High Commissioners to Chancellor Adenauer, on aid to Berlin, May 26, 1952,   pp. 98-99 PDF (852.6 KB)

Declaration by the German Federal Republic, on aid to Berlin, May 26, 1952,   pp. 99-100 PDF (795.2 KB)

Page 99

furnish aid to Berlin and of the advantages involved in the adoption
by Berlin of policies similar to those of the Federation.
For this reason they have decided to exercise their right relating
to Berlin in such a way as to facilitate the carrying out by the Federal
Republic of its declaration attached to the Convention on Relations
between the Three Powers and the Federal Republic and to permit
the Federal authorities to ensure representation of Berlin and of the
Berlin population outside Berlin.
Similarly, they will have no objection if, in accordance with an
appropriate procedure authorized by the Allied Kommandatura, Ber-
lin adopts the same legislation as that of the Federal Republic, in
particular regarding currency, credit and foreign exchange, nation-
ality, passports, emigration and, immigration, extradition, the uni-
fication of the customs and trade area, trade and navigation agree-
ments, freedom of movement of goods, and foreign trade and pay-
ments arrangements.
In view of the declaration of the Federal Republic concerning ma-
terial aid to Berlin and the charge on the Federal budget of the occu-
pation costs of the Three Powers in Berlin in accordance with the
provisions of existing legislation, the Three Powers will be prepared
to consult with the Federal Government prior to their establishment
of their Berlin occupation cost budgets. It is their intention to fix
such costs at the lowest level consistent with maintaining the security
of Berlin and of the Allied Forces located there.
Declaration by the German Federal Republic, on Aid to Berlin,
May 26, 19521
In view of the special role which Berlin has played and is destined
to play in the future for the self-preservation of the free world, aware
of the ties connecting the Federal Republic with Berlin, and moti-
vated by the desire to strengthen and to reinforce the position of
Berlin in all fields, and in particular to bring about insofar as possible
an improvement in the economy and the financial situation in Berlin
including its productive capacity and level of employment, the Fed-
eral Republic undertakes:
(a) to take all necessary measures on its part in order to ensure
the maintenance of a balanced budget in Berlin through appro-
priate assistance;
(b) to take adequate measures for the equitable treatment of
Berlin in the control and allocation of materials in short supply;
(c) to take adequate measures for the inclusion of Berlin in
assistance received by the Federal Republic from outside sources
in reasonable proportion to the unutilized industrial resources
existing in Berlin;
(d) to promote the development of Berlin's external trade, to
accord Berlin such favoured treatment in all matters of trade
policy as circumstances warrant and to provide Berlin within the
limit of possibility and in consideration of the participation of
Berlin in the foreign currency control by the Federal Republic,
with the necessary foreign currency;
1Ibid., pp. 14-15.

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