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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1892
61st ([1892])

Constitution of the Seneca nation,   pp. 751-754 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 754

meetings of the electors of the nation, and shall be eligible to any office
in the 
gift of the people of the nation. 
SEC. 10. The compensations of all officers of the nation named in this constitu-
tion shall be such as prescribed by law, and the salaries shall not be enlarged
diminished during their term of office. 
SEC. 11. The council shall meet annually on the first Tuesday of June in
year, and every year the president shall have power to convene the council
extra session as often as the interest of the nation in his judgment required.
SEC. 12. The council shall have power to make any laws not inconsistent with
the Constitution of the United States, or of the State of New York, or of
SEC.13. The laws heretofore enacted by the Legislature of the State of New
for the protection and improvement of the Seneca Nation of Indians; also,
laws and regulations heretofore adopted by the council of the nation shall
tinue in full force and effect as heretofore until the statutes of the State
of New 
York shall be repealed or amended by the Legislature thereof, or the laws
regulations heretofore adopted by the council shall be repealed or amended
the council of councillors to the extent and in the manner as the attorney
of the 
nation shall deem lawful and proper. 
SEC. 14. The present officers of the nation shall hold their office respectively
until the 1st day of May (Tuesday), 1869, or until others are elected in
places, in accordance with the terms of this constitution and no longer,
to be sooner removed by impeachment. 
SEC. 15. The salary of the officers of the nation not heretofore defined
statutes shall be prescribed by the council of councillors. 
SEC. 16. This constitution shall not be altered or amended within three years
from the date of its adoption. At anytime after the expiration of three years
sequent to its adoption it shall be lawful for the council when in session,
in their 
discretion, by at least a quorum vote, toappoint a committee of three on
of the constitution, one of whom shall be the attorney for the nation; the
of the committee shall be on ten days' notice of their appointment to prepare
amendments to the constitution such as in their judgment of the constitution
shall be necessary and proper, and report the constitution as amended to
council, whereupon it shall be the duty of the council to submit the same
to the 
electors of the nation for their approval or, rejection to be determined
by a ma- 
jority of voters of the qualified electors at a meeting called by the council
that purpose on the Allegany and Cattaraugus Reservations, such to be held
the same day. 
In case the amendments of the committee be rejected, no action shall be taken
by the council of electors relative to amending this constitution within
from the date of said meeting and-rejection. 
SEC. 17. This constitution shall be in force from and including the 22d day
October, A. D. 1868, except as herein provided. 
Done in convention at the council house in Cold Spring, on the Allegany 
Reservation, in the county of Cattaraugus and State of New York, on the 22d
day of October, in the year of our Lord 1868. 
In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names. 
President of the Convention. 

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