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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1856

[Southern superintendency],   pp. 131-172 PDF (17.5 MB)

Page 133

tribe, is detained on the Arkansas by low water. As soon as Agent 
Washbourne, at present confined by indisposition, is able and prepared 
to proceed to his agency, arrangements will be made for sending for- 
ward these goods for delivery to the tribe. 
Agent Garrett has not yet arrived here on his return to his agency, 
with the funds for the general service of the superintendency, but 
may be almost daily looked for. In obedience to special instructions, 
Agent Cooper left Fort Towson on the 20th ultimo, to proceed to 
New Orleans for the funds due the present year to the Choctaws and 
the Chickasaws, and is at this time no doubt on his return to his 
agency therewith. Under the permission granted by the department, 
and for reasons of convenience and the better character of the public 
buildings, the agency of the Choctaws and Chickasaws will soon, 
probably on the completion of the pending payments to those tribes, 
be removed from Fort Towson to Fort Washita. This removal is 
regarded as only temporary; a more central position, possessing the 
required facilities for an agency, and such as may prove mutually 
agreeable to the two tribes and the United States agent, will hereafter 
be submitted to the department for its sanction, and for the erection 
of a permanent agency. 
The system of licensed trade permitted by the intercourse act of 
June, 1834, and hitherto prevailing among the tribes, but which, by 
special instructions of December last, was suspended in the four prin- 
cipal nations of the superintendency, viz: the Choctaws, Chickasaws, 
Cherokees and Creeks, continues in a state of suspension. I have so 
frequently, in my communications to the department, adverted to this 
subject, that perhaps my present reference to it is something worse 
than superfluous. I leave it without further comment. 
Herewith I have the honor also to transmit the annual reports of 
Douglas H. Cooper, esq., agent for the Choctaws and Chickasaws, of 
George Butler, esq., agent for the Cherokees, and of Andrew J. Dorn, 
esq., agent for the tribes of the Neosho, each accompanied by the 
subordinate reports of various missionaries and teachers laboring 
within their respective agencies. In consequence of the special duties 
in which Agents Garrett and Washbourne have been for so many 
months engaged, no reports have been received at this office from 
either of those gentlemen. 
I have the honor to be,,sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
C. W.- DEAN, 
Superintendent of Indian Affairs. 
Commissioner of Indian A4fairs, Washington City, D. C. 
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