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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1856

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SAC AND FOX AGENCY.                        27, 
No. 40. 
September 1, 1856. 
S n: The Ottowa chiefs came to the agency to-lay and informed me 
that on Saturday the 30th of August, between midnight'-and day, a 
party of some forty men came to John T. Jones', an Ottowa Indian, 
and one of their tribe, and burnt his house with all its contents, fbrci-
bly taking from Mrs. Jones about six hundred dollars in money. The 
family were asleep when these men came; they commenced setting 
fire to the house even before the inmates had come out. 
Mr. Jones went out at the front door, but had to run for his life, as 
he was shot at four times before he got out of the yard. The family 
are left with but little. The chiefs request me to report this to youI 
and they expect the government to make good to Mr Jones the loss- 
he has sustained. 
I am, respectfully, your obedient servant, 
B. A. JAMES, Indian Agent. 
Hon. GEo. W. M]¢ANYPENNY,: 
Commissioner Indian Affairs, Washington city, D. (. 
No. 41. 
The Ottowas in fall council. 
Whereas we, the Ottowa tribe of Indians, under the Sac and Fox 
agency in Kansas Territory, have heard of honorable B. A. James, 
the United States agent, through Antoine Goky, his interpreter, to 
Kom-chaw, one of our chiefs, that some person or persons among us, 
are implicated with the charge of taking an active part in carrying on 
the difficulties in Kansas Territory between the pro-slavery and anti- 
slavery parties; on examination thereof, however, we have found no 
one as yet guilty of these charges: 
Therefore, in consequence of these false implications against some of 
us, andto showour good faith andfidelity to the government under which 
welive, we publicly declare ourselves, collectively andindividually, neu-
tral in the conflicts between the aforesaid parties, as long as we are 
not molested nor violence offered to our persons or property, within 
the limits of the reserve granted to us by virtue of a treaty between 
us and the United States. And to show further, we also unanimously 
resolve that if any person among us is charged for taking up arms 
against either of the contending parties, or gratuitously furnishing 
money or implements of war, or any other articles in support or aid to 
either party , to carry on the warbetween the conflicting parties, on proof
thereof against such a person, by two or more of the Ottowa Indians, 
in full council of the Ottowas, shall be deemed sufficient offence to 
exclude said person from his claim to land and annuity, and shall be 

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