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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1855

[Indians of the territory of Utah],   pp. 195-206 PDF (5.2 MB)

Page 204

taken in some way to appease their hunger, as they are already in a 
very destitute condition, and are constantly making loud and clamorous 
appeals to the settlers for provisions, and that, too, I am credibly 
informed, in some of the settlements where they have not enough for 
themselves to subsist upon; and the coming harvest admonishes them 
that their own supply, in very many instances, will be cut off, and that
scarcity and high prices will unavoidably deprive many of the com- 
mon necessaries of life during the coming year, who heretofore had 
plenty for themselves, and some to spare for the Indians. I cannot 
drop this part of the subject without endeavoring to impress upon 
the department the great necessity for immediate action on this one 
very important matter. The game, which in former years was consid- 
erable, and upon which the Indians in part depended, is rapidly 
diminishing, which will increase their dfficulties in obtaining subsist-
ence, and if left to their own resources, will, I fear, impel them to 
the frequent commission of petty thefts; a source of great annoyance, 
loss and irritation to the settlers. I would here state that I have em- 
ployed an interpreter at a salary of $500 per annum, which, I am 
informed, is the price allowed in all such cases. I would further men- 
tion that I have made out my reports, both the account current and 
abstract, with the vouchers for the last or fourth quarter of the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1854, which makes it the fourth quarter of re- 
turns to the government, but only my first report, and have endorsed 
my vouchers for the fourth or last quarter so as to commence my re- 
ports with the beginning of the fiscal or government year; hoping 
that all the accompanying papers are in due form, and will meet the 
approbation of the Indian Department, 
I remain, very respectfully, yours, 
Indian Sub-Agent, Utah Territory. 
His Excellency Governor BRIGHAM YOUNG, 
Ex-offlcio Superintendent Indian Affairs. 
No. 102. 
September 30, 1855. 
SIR: In compliance with the regulations of the department, I sub- 
mit to you my report for the remainder of the first quarter of the 
fiscal year ending September 30, 1855. 
Since my last report, dated August 14, which closed my official 
duties as sub-agent, I was informed that Sawriet (or Sawrette) had 
returned on a visit to this place after an absence of two years. On 
the 22d of August last, I received a visit from seventeen of his chiefs 
and braves, who informed me that the citizens of the city of Palmyra 
told them that I was an agent of the government of the United States, 
and that they had a great desire to see me and have a talk. Anthers- 
be-a-ho-a, " big chief," and one of the deputation, acted as spokesman
on the occasion. He informed me of the object of their visit by stat- 
ing that in the vicinity of Santa Fe they were told by a Delaware 

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