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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Report of the Indian inspector for Indian territory,   pp. 705-792 PDF (36.9 MB)

Page 721

horne, and Coalgate, but there being certain inconsistencies in the 
appraisement of the lots at Coalgate authority was given for -the 
Choctaw town-site commission when it was convened, to look into 
these specific cases and make such changes in the appraisement as 
they deemed proper and just. An entire reappraisement of the towns 
of Haileyville and Krebs was authorized, and the previous action of 
the Department in approving the original schedule of these towns was 
Inasmuch as practically all other appraisement work in the 
Choctaw Nation was completed, and the reappraisement of the towns 
of Haileyville and Krebs and the making of certain corrections in 
the schedule of Coalgate would only require a short time, it was not 
deemed advisable to appoint an inexperienced man as chairman of 
the Choctaw town-site commission to act with Mr. Smiser to com- 
plete such work. Therefore, Mr. Arthur W. Hefley, the chairman 
of the Chickasaw town-site commission, was also appointed chairman 
of the Choctaw town-site commission and authorized to leave the 
work in the Chickasaw Nation a sufficient length of time to finish the 
work in the Choctaw Nation. The new schedules of Haileyville and 
Krebs, making a reduction of nearly 50 per cent in the amount of 
the original appraisement, have been forwarded to and approved by 
the Department. 
The appraisement work in the Cherokee Nation proceeded very 
satisfactorily. The commission, which was furloughed December 1, 
1904, resumed duty on March 15, 1905, and completed the appraise- 
ment work in that nation by May 20, 1905, upon which date it was 
abolished by the Department, Mr. Dorwin Higley, one of the mem- 
bers thereof, being retained as town-site agent to continue the work 
of selling vacant lots, serving notices, and hearing contests until 
June 30, 1905, when, in view of the status of the work and lack of 
funds, he was retired. 
As stated in my last annual report, the town-site work in the 
Creek Nation was entirely completed witk the exception of determin- 
ing a number of contest cases, which work was being done by this 
office. Land, however, having since been set aside for the town site 
of. Boynton in this nation, it was necessary to have a commission to 
appraise the lots in such town. As such work would require but a 
short time, it was deemed advisable to appoint as members of such 
commission persons who had had experience in such work. Ac- 
cordingly Mr. James W. Shipman, formerly chairman of the Chero- 
kee town-site commission, Mr. Dorwin Higley, formerly a member of 
the Cherokee commission, and Mr. George A. Alexander, formerly a 
member of the Creek town-site commission, were appointed by the 
Department to appraise the town site of Boynton, Mr. Alexander, 
the tribal member, being designated by the principal chief of the 
Creek Nation. Commissioners Shipman and Alexander entered on 
duty June 1, 1905, and commenced the work of procuring preliminary 
information, receiving applications to have lots scheduled, etc., Mr. 
Higley being allowed to continue the work in the Cherokee Nation 
until the commission was ready to fix the appraisement of lots at 
Boyntony when he left the work in the Cherokee Nation long enough 
to assist in fixing such appraisements. The schedufle of Boynton 
was completed during the month of June and approved by the De- 
partment July 25, 1905. 
IND 1905-46 

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