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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Reports concerning Indians in South Dakota,   pp. 328-352 PDF (11.7 MB)

Page 340

The enrollment for the year was 246, and the average attendance was 206.93,
a capacity of 210. 
The health of the pupils has been good. Only five children were sent home
on account 
of sickness, incipient tuberculosis being the cause in all. Owing to the
well-known fact 
that tuberculosis is the most prevalent disease among the Sioux, I make it
a point at 
the first premonitory symptom to dismiss the pupil in order to prevent any
further con- 
tagion in the school. 
Most of the departments, except the disciplinarian's, I found to be in a
condition. The discipline at this school, especially among the boys, had
been very lax, 
32 boys being on the deserter's list for the year, while there was not one
runaway girl. 
The prospects regarding the farm and garden last spring were excellent. I
am told 
it was one of the most favorable springs there had been at this school for
a number of 
years. About 20 acres of garden were planted, over 10 acres of which was
and the rest consisted of cabbages, onions, beets, sweet corn, and other
garden vege- 
tables. The individual gardens planted and cultivated by the pupils under
the direc- 
tion of the teachers were fairly successful. 
The school farm, which consists of about 80 acres, was this year planted
as follows: 
Thirty acres in millet, 30 acres in oats, 8 acres in speltz, 7 acres in corn,
and 5 acres in 
sugar cane. The outlook was very bright for a large and heavy crop until
July 26, 
but on that date this vicinity was visited by one of the heaviest hail and
wind storms 
that the oldest inhabitant could remember, the result of which was the entire
tion of the farm crops and the partial ruination of the garden, for we will
still have 
about one-half a crop of potatoes, beets, and cabbages. The hay crop will
be large. We 
have 10 acres of alfalfa from which we have cut one crop, and in a few days
will cut 
another. The grass in the meadows and river bottoms is abundant. 
Although the school ditch, which takes the water from White Clay Creek about
miles above the school, was put in repair after the spring rains it has been
of little 
benefit to the farm this year, the heavy July rains making it unnecessary
to irrigate 
at that time, and the hailstorms above mentioned, which destroyed the crops
the last 
of July, prevented the necessity of using the ditch. 
There are a few improvements and additions that ought to be added to this
the coming year. The school dining room is too small and ought to be enlarged.
other building for the employees' quarters ought to be erected, and the roofs
very much in need of paint. It would also be a great improvement if the irregular,
worn-out, and dilapidated brick walks on the school campus could be replaced
by cement 
RALPH H. Ross, Superintendent and Physician. 
PINE RIDGE AGENCY, S. DAK., August 29, 1905. 
The, average attendance at the different schools, beginning at No. 2, is
as follows: No. 2, 
18.04; No. 3, 17.30; No. 4, 21.15; No. 5, 24.80; No. 6, 22.69; No. 7, 33.96;
No. 8, 13.89; 
No. 9, 30.12; No. 10, 26.55; No. 11, 15.04; No. 12, 12.50; No. 13, 13.23;
No. 14, 14.41; 
No. 15, 17.74; No. 16, 22.67; No. 17, 13.75; No. 18, 17.76; No. 19, 15.12;
No. 20, 22.88; 
No. 21, 18.73; No. 22, 12.16; No. 23, 17.08; No. 24, 19.16; No. 25, 27.06;
No. 26, 21.97; 
No. 27, 24.23; No. 28, 20.44; No. 29, 13.91; No. 31, 13.34. 
Compared with the average for last year, eleven had a larger-average attendance
the rest had about the same or smaller. Average attendance for this year,
582; last 
year, 594. The average enrollment for this year was 23. Cost of running schools,
ing salaries, $42,925.10; on the basis of average attendance, $73.75 per
pupil; cost on the 
basis of enrollment, $64.45 per pupil. 
The enrollment of pupils is as follows: 
Day schools ......-                                        666 
Oglala boarding school  ,                       --217 
Holy Rosary Mission boarding school ...      -    -217 
Bordering town schools ....-                                25 
Rapid City Indian school  -    --                   --   103 
Flandreau Indian school                  ----12 
Haskell Institute                                           18 
Genoa Indian school                                          5 
Hampton Institute                                            3 
Pierre, Canton, Omaha, Fort Hall, one each ...............   4 
Total in school    - ---                 -      1,270 
Total school population on reservation-    -      -      1,688 
Average attendance at Oglala boarding school               207. 20 
Average attendance at Mission---------------------------209.60 
Average attendance at day schools5--------------------------82 

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