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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Reports concerning Indians in New Mexico,   pp. 260-277 PDF (8.8 MB)

Page 265

of the tribe has changed for the better, and I feel confident that the children
who will become of school age five years hence will be much stronger, both
mentally and physically, than at present. 
I desire to again emphasize what I have said in former reports regarding
the question of allotments, and to urge the necessity of early action in
matter of cancellation of existing allotments and a reallotment upon the
recommended one year ago. Owing to the mixed condition of family names 
and to the fact that no records of families have been kept in the past, it
be an absolute impossibility to determine the ownership of 30 per cent of
present allotments. If the desired results from the irrigation construction
already completed and now in progress are to be obtained, an early readjust-
inent of the allotment question must be dealt with. 
The crops on the reservation were an absolute failure last year on account
of the extreme dry weather. The present season promises a fairly good harvest.
and where it has been possible to irrigate a good crop is assured. 
About 30 per cent of the tribe is now on the regular ration roll. While this
may seem to be a large proportion, yet the number can not be reduced without
entailing suffering upon the needy and helpless. On account of the drought
last summer, followed by an unusually severe winter, I was compelled to in-
crease the ration roll during the winter months. 
In the matter of irrigation construction there are now four reservoirs com-
pleted, which it is estimated will irrigate from 7,000 to 10,000 acros of
reservation when filled with water. In addition to the above we have built
about 15 miles of ditches for the delivery of water upon the land. There
now about 5,000 acres of land cleared and ready for the plow. We have 
broken about 500 acres of this land, half of which is now in crop and promises
an abundant yield. 
During the past year about 4 miles of new road has been built, and several
miles more will be constructed before winter compels us to suspend work.
Since my last annual report all of the frame cottages at the agency have
covered with building paper and re-sided with lap siding, which has added
to the comfort of the occupants. All of these cottages are to be reshingled
before winter. We will also build a large implement house for the sheltering
of agency implements and wagons. 
The office just completed is sightly and commodious, and one of the best
office buildings in the service. The building formerly used as an office
will be 
converted into employees' quarters. 
A water system for the agency is in process of construction. This is being
accomplished by the installation of a 4-inch main, as an extension of the
water system, over 1 mile distant. 
The greatest need of the agency at present is a sewerage system, which can
be installed at a very moderate expense. 
School.-The training school opened September 19 with a good attendance. 
It is gratifying to note the promptness with which pupils were enrolled.
were only a few cases in which force was necessary to procure the enrollment
of children. The highest enrollment for the year was 142, which is 17 more
than the rated capacity of the school plant. The average attendance for the
year was 137.7. The Work in all departments of the school was excellent,
the advancement of the pupils was all that could be expected. 
The school farm promises an excellent crop the present year. The oats are
now being harvested and are of good quality. 
The hospital building just completed is a great addition to the school plant.
This building is located about 800 feet from the main building, is admirably
arranged, and well equipped. 
In the matter of new buildings this school should be provided with a school
building and assembly hall. We are very much crowded at present and have
no room in which the whole school can be assembled. The school should also
provided with a dairy herd, but this can not be done until a barn is constructed
which will provide shelter for the stock. The building now used as a barn
too small for the small amount of stock we now have. 
Superintendent in Charge. 

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