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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Reports concerning Indians in Arizona,   pp. 156-180 PDF (12.1 MB)

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the months of June, July, August, and September, at a salary of $30 per month
each, to protect the Indian forest from damages by fires; (5) the money remain-
'ng in the White Mountain Apache grazing fund be expended in the purchase
more cattle for breeding purposes for the Indians; (6) the Indian "medicine
man" be sent away from the reservetion where he would have no contaminating
or evil influence. 
Superintendent and Special Disbursing Agent. 
MOHAVE, ARiz., August 9, 1905. 
This school was established 1890, receiving from the War Department the 
reservation and buildings occupied by that Department at Fort Mohave, Ariz.,
to be used thereafter by the Interior Department for Indian school purposes.
Authentic reports established the fact that at the time the ,school was estab-
lished the Mohave Indians were in a very primitive condition and had made,
prior to that time, very little progress in civilization or in ability to
gain a 
livelihood in civilized pursuits. The influence of the school has had a very
marked effect, which is noticeable in dress, language, and industries pursued;
also in the interest taken in moral and religious matters. 
Census.-During this fiscal year a great deal of work was done in the 
collection and classification of data to be used, as follows: In preparing
census, in the establishment of a register of families, in the formulation
annual statistics, in the keeping of records of births and deaths, etc. Therefore,
a census of the Indians within a radius of 30 miles of Fort Mohave is furnished
with this report. 
Mortality.-The records of this office show that out of a population of 890
Mohave Indians at the beginning of the fiscal year there have been 47 deaths
and 9 births. The deaths are distributed as follows: Male, adults, 18; minors,
4. Female, adults, 16; minors, 9. 
Agency employees.-During the past year the positions of physician and 
blacksmith were established, and for the fiscal year 1906 the position of
farmer has been authorized. 
School employees.-The positions of school employees have remained about 
the same as during the previous year. The number of changes which have 
occurred in the employees filling the various positions has been fully up
to the 
average. The general ability and efficiency of the individuals employed com-
pares favorably with other years, and there have been a number of instances
of exceptional devotion to duty which have received due acknowledgment in
the regular efficiency reports. 
Literary work.-The pupils were carefully classified at the beginning of 
the school year, and throughout the year a laudable ambition was manifest
to accomplish the work assigned. Satisfactory progress was made by most 
of the pupils. 
Industrial wtork.-A strong effort was made in all of the industrial depart-
ments to train pupils in practical lines. The boys did a great deal of work
in painting, masonry, carpentry, blacksmithing, plumbing, engineering, farming,
and gardening; they also performed work in bakery, care of stock, grounds,
etc. The girls did a great deal of institutional work in the care of dormitories,
laundering, manufacture and repair of garments, nursing of sick, besides
receiving instructions to a limited extent in domestic-science classes. 
Improvements by contract.-A new brick school building was erected during
the year containing four good class rooms and an excellent hall. A new brick
dining hall and kitchen building was also erected. These buildings add greatly
to the comfort of pupils and largely improve the usefulness and sanitary
ditions of the plant. 
Improvements by school labor.-A good adobe chicken house 14 by 14 by 
10 feet, surrounded by a 9-foot porch and provided with suitable poultry
yards. was built. There was also built by school labor an amusement hal 
33 feet 10 inches by SO by 12 feet. The row of adobe buildings at the east
of the grounds was entirely removed and the materials used, so far as prac-
ticable, for other purposes. Much school labor was expended in the reno-
vating and repair of old buildings, fencfng, extension of water system, etc.
;Engineer's department.-For a long time the machinery in this department

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