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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

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Reports of agents and others in charge of Indian tribes--Continued. 
Arizona-Continued.                                            Page. 
Pima, J. B. Alexander, superintendent in charge---------------174 
San Carlos, Luther S. Kelly, agent-------------------------176 
Stephen B. Weeks, superintendent of school---------------177 
Walapal, Oliver H. Gates, superintendent in charge Truxton 
Caion School---------------------------------------178 
Western Navaho, Matthew M. Murphy, superintendent in charge-  179 
Digger Indians, Geo. 0. Grist, farmer in charge-_-------    180 
Fort Bidwell, Charles D. Rakestraw, superintendent in charge---  181 
Fort Yuma, John S. Spear, superintendent in charge------------184 
Hoopa Valley, Frank Kyselka, superintendent in charge---------185 
Mission, Charles E. Shell, superintendent in charge-------------188 
Mission, L. A. Wright, superintendent in charge---------------190 
Round Valley, Horace J. Johnson, superintendent in charge-----.194 
Southern Ute, Burton B. Custer, superintendent in charge-......  196 
Fort Hall, A. F. Caldwell, superintendent in charge-- -  1-- 96 
Nez Perce (Fort Lapwai), F. G. Mattoon, superintendent in 
charge             -------------------                    199 
Lemhi, Claude C. Covey, superintendent in charge  ----      201 
Indian Territory- 
Seneca (Quapaw Agency), Horace B. Durant, superintendent in 
charge   ----------------------------------------------202 
Union, Dana H. Kelsey, agent----------------------------204 
Sac and Fox, W. G. Malin, superintendent in charge--------- 221 
Kickapoo, 0. C. Edwards, superintendent in charge           224 
Potawatomi, G. L. Williams, superintendent in charge-----------225 
Jesse E. Tyler, teacher-------------------------------227 
Leech Lake, Maj. G. L. Scott, agent-------------------------227 
Henry W. Warren, teacher----------------------------231 
John Morrison, teacher-------------------------------231 
Leonidas M. Hardin, superintendent and physician---------232 
White Earth, Simon Michelet, agent --------------------     232 
N. B. Hurr, superintendent of school---------------------233 
William R. Davis, superintendent of school---------------234 
Viola Cook, superintendent of school---------------------235 
Frank C. Heier, teacher------------------------------235 
Leonidas L. Goen, teacher----------------------------235 
Chas. Eggers, teacher--------------------------------236 
Blackfeet, Capt. J. Z. Dare, agent-------------------------236 
George A. Gaymond, superintendent of school--------------237 
Crow, S. G. Reynolds, agent------------------------------238 
Lorenzo D. Creel, superintendent of school------------ 239 
H. L. Oberlander, superintendent of school--------------- 239 
Janette Woodruff, field matron.------------------------240 
Flathead, Samuel Bellew, agent---------------------------241 
Wm. A. Root, superintendent of school-------------------243 

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