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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

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Indian Territory under the CurttisAct and subsequent legislation-Cont'd.
Leases and sales of lands--Continued.                           Page. 
Leasing of Cherokee lands..   .    .   .   .   ..---------------------------------.119
Requirements of Creek and Cherokee lessees-------------------122 
Deposits in banks    ----------------------------------------124 
Sale of coal and asphalt lands, Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations--  125 
Supervision of leases  -------------------------------------127 
Suit against Cherokee..     .  .    .  .    .   .   ..------------------------------------127
Improvements on surplus lands  -----------------------------128 
Collection of revenues: 
Royalties..-------------------------------- -----              129 
Creek tribal tax..     .   .   .   .  .   .    ..-----------------------------------------131
Public roads...-----------------------------------------------131 
Town sites     ------------------------------------------------132 
Allotments     ------------------------------------------------134 
Allotments to children  ------------------------------------135 
Placing Indians in possession of their allotments----------------135 
Removal of restrictions on alienation of allotted lands------------137 
Date of allotment certificate..  .    .   .     .   ..--------------------------------139
Disposition of surplus lands -----------------------------------140 
Citizenship..    .    .   .   .   .   .   ..-----------------------------------------------141
Intermarried Cherokee----------------------------     ------142 
Delivery of Choctaw and Chickasaw allotment patents ..-------------- 142
Walker River Reservation, Nev                                         143
Turtle Mountain Chippewa, North Dakota   ---------------------------144 
Osage Reservation, Okla    ----------------------------------------145 
The Uintah Reservation in Utah   ----------------------------------145 
Puyallup lands in Washington   ------------------------------------147 
Yakima fishery rights in Washington----.--149 
Sale of lands on the Yakima Reservation in Washington----------------152
Homesteads in Wisconsin under the Winnebago act.     ..--------------------
Shoshone Reservation, Wyo  --------------------------------------     153
Reports of agents and others in charge of Indian tribes: 
Colorado River, Enos B. Atkinson, superintendent in charge---. 156 
Fort Apache Agency, C. W. Crouse, superintendent in charge-.-  158 
Fort Mohave, Duncan D. McArthur, superintendent in charge-.-  162: 
Havasupai, Albert W. Floren, superintenident in charge---------163 
Hopi (Moqui), Theo. G. Lemmon, superintendent in charge-......  164 
A. H. Viets, teacher ---------------------------------165 
Charles W. Higham, teacher---------------------------165 
W. H. Pfeifer, teacher--------------------------------166 
Miltona.M. Keith, field matron-------------------------166 
Mary E. Kelly, field matron----------------------------166 
Navaho, Reuben Perry, superintendent in charge--------------16 
Emma De Vore, superintendent of school--------------     169 
Navaho Extension, Joseph E. Maxwell, farmer----------------169 
Phoenix School and Camp McDowell Reservation, C. W. Good- 
man, superintendent in charge.--------------------------    171 
Win. H. Gill, farmer in charge Camp McDowell------------ 173 

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