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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1904, Part I

Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs,   pp. 1-128 PDF (50.3 MB)

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Red Lake, Minn.-An agreement was concluded March 10, 1902, with 
the Indians of the Red Lake Reservation, Minn., ceding the western 
portion of their reserve, embracing 256,152 acres. The consideration 
was $1,000,000, of which $150,000 was to be paid within ninety days 
after the ratification of said agreement, and the rema nder in fifteen 
equal annual payments. This agreement was ratified by act of Feb- 
ruary 20, 1904 (33 Stats., 46). 
The Commissioner of the General Land Office reports under date of 
September 19, 1904, that the ceded lands were offered at public sale at 
Thief River Falls, Minn., commencing at 9 o'clock a. m. June 20, and 
continuing until July 14, at which time the sale was adjourned to 
take place at Crookston, Minn., October 3. There were sold 610 tracts, 
aggregating 93,747.59 acres, for $589,117.20, or an average price of 
$6.28 per acre. The amount received at this sale was $117,823.44, 
being 20 per cent of the total value of the lands sold. There were 
left 1,035 unsold tracts, aggregating 162,197.29 acres, to be disposed 
of at the resumption of the sale, October 3, returns from which had 
not been received at the time of preparing this report. 
Grande Ronde, Oreg.-The agreement with the Indians of the Grande 
Ronde Reservation, Oreg., concluded June 27, 1901, provided for the 
ceding of all surplus unallotted lands (except 440 acres), aggregating 
25,791 acres. The agreement was ratified by act of April 28, 1904 (33 
Stats., 567). 
The General Land Office reports that sealed bids for the sale of a part 
of the reservation were received at Oregon City, Oreg., land office from
9 o'clock a. m.'on Monday, August 1, 1904, until 11 o'clock on Monday, 
August 8. The total area offered for sale was 26,021.54 acres, divided 
into 181 tracts, of approximately 160 acres each. Three hundred and 
thirty-three bids were received for 111 different tracts aggregating 
16,418.48 acres; the bids ranged from $1.25 to $11.75 per acre, or an 
average price of $4.08 per acre, and amounted to $66,497.21. Checks 
and money orders for $13,215.44 were received, representing practi- 
cally 20 per cent of the amount bid. The acceptance of these bids has 
been approved by the Secretary of the Interior. There remain 9,603.06 
acres, for which no bids were received. 
The act of April 28, 1904, provided that no bids should be considered 
until the sum of all the bids received should equal or exceed $28,500. 
As $66,497.21 was received for less than two-thirds of the lands offered
for sale, the sale is considered highly satisfactory. 
Rosebud, S. Dak.-An agreement was concluded September 14, 1901, 
with the Indians of the Rosebud Reservation, S. Dak., by which they 
ceded the surplus unallotted lands of that part of their reserve situated

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