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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1904, Part I

Contents,   pp. III-XI ff. PDF (2.3 MB)


Reports of agents and others in charge of Indian tribes-Continued. 
North Dakota-Continued.                                         Page. 
Fort Berthold, Amzi W. Thomas, agent-----------------------272 
Horace E. Wilson, superintendent of school..  ..------------------273 
Anna D. Wilde and Adeline P. Beauchamp, field matrons-------275 
Standing Rock, J. M. Carignan, agent-------------------------276 
Ewald C. Witzleben, superintendent of school----------------279 
Martin Kenel, superintendent of school. ..--------------------280 
J. Tho. Hall, superintendent of school.. .  ...---------------------281 
Walter P. Squires, day school inspector. .  ..---------------------281 
Mary S. Francis, missionary and principal ..-------------------282 
Cantonment (Cheyenne and Arapaho), Byron E. White, superin- 
tendent, in charge..............................-------282 
Cheyenne and Arapaho, Maj. G. W. H. Stouch, U. S. Army, superin- 
tendent, in charge --------------------------------------286 
G. W. Myers, superintendent of school--_.-------------M.-----288 
Thomas M. Jones, superintendent of school------------------289 
Seger (Cheyenne and Arapaho), John H. Seger, superintendent, in 
charge-----------------------  -----------------------290 
Kaw, Edson Watson, clerk in charge-------------_-----------291 
Kiowa, Col. James F. Randlett, agent---------_---------------- 292 
Jno. A. Buntin, superintendent of school----------_--------- 295 
J. W. Hadden, superintendent of school. .    ..-------------------- 295 
Osage, Frank Frantz, agent---------....................-296 
J. L. Baker, superintendent of school----------------------300 
H. C. Ripley, Indian trade supervisor----------------------301 
Oto, H. W. Newman, superintendent, in charge-----------------301 
Pawnee, George W. Nellis, superintendent, in charge--------------302 
Ponca, H. M. Noble, superintendent, in charge.. .  ..------------------303
Sauk and Fox, W. C. Kohlenberg, superintendent, in charge---------306 
Shawnee, Frank A. Thackery, superintendent, in charge----------- 309 
Grande Ronde, Dr. Andrew Kershaw, superintendent, in charge ---  310 
Klamath, 0. . Applegate, superintendent, in charge...............311 
Siletz, John J. McKoin, superintendent, in charge...----------------316 
Umatilla, Charles Wilkins, superintendent, in charge..-------------- 318
Warm Springs, James E. Kirk, superntendent, in charge-----------.'.319 
South Dakota- 
Cheyenne River, Ira A. Hatch, agent.------------------------321 
Eugene D. Mossman, superintendent of school----------------323 
Crow Creek, Hat1ry D. Chamberlain, agent..------------------323 
Flandreau, Charles F. Peirce, superintendent in charge------------326 

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