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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1904, Part I

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Reports of agents and others in charge of Indian tribes-Continued. 
Minnesota-Continued.                                            Page. 
Leech Lake-Continued. 
Benj. Caswell, principal teacher.. .   .   .   ..--------------------------220
H. C. Norman, superintendent...---------------.------------.221 
John Morrison, principal teacher.. .  ..------------------------- 221 
W hite  Earth, Simon  Michelet, agent-......... ... ....... ...... 222 
Blackfeet, Jas. H. Monteath, agent.    ..---------------------------. 223
T. C. Price, superintendent of school. . .  ..-----------------------224
Crow, S. G. Reynolds, agent..... .   ---------.--------------225 
Lorenzo D. Creel, superintendent of school..------.------------227 
H. L. Oberlander, superintendent of school and physician------228 
Flathead, Samuel Bellew, agent..   .    ..-----------------------m.------.
Win. A. Root, superintendent of school----------------- -- 230 
Fort Belknap, W. R. Logan, superintendent, in charge------------- 231 
Fort Peck, C. R. A. Scobey, superintendent, in charge-------------232 
Tongue River, J. C. Clifford, superintendent, in charge....-----------233
Omaha, John F. MacKey, superintendent, in charge--------------235 
W. J. Scott, superintendent of school-.-----.--------------- 236 
Santee, W. E. Meagley, superintendent, in charge.. ..---------------238 
Winnebago, Horace G. Wilson, superintendent, in charge----------239 
Sarah H. Chapin, field matron---------------------------241 
Carson (Walker River), C. H. Asbury, superintendent, in charge -...  242
Moapa, Wm. C. Sharp, industrial teacher, in charge-------------- 244 
Nevada, Fred B. Spriggs, superintendent, in charge---------------246 
Lillian A. M. B. Mayhew, field matron---.  ..------------------247 
Western Shoshoni, Horton H. Miller, superintendent, in charge ---.248 
New Mexico- 
Jicarilla, H. H. Johnson, superintendent, in charge------------  249 
Mescalero, James A. Carroll, superintendent, in charge.-----------250 
San Juan, Wm. S. Shelton, superintendent, in charge--------------252 
Albuquerque (Pueblo), James K. Allen, superintendent, in charge -.  254 
Santa Fe (Pueblo), C. J. Crandall, superintendent, in charge--------258 
Zufli (Pueblo), D.,D. Graham, superintendent, in charge-----------263 
Joi0   . am field matron------------------  ---------    26 
*Jolie A. Palin,filmarn..... ........                      265 
New York- 
New York, B. B. Weber, agent------------------------------ 702 
North Carolina- 
Eastern Cherokee, Willard S. Campbell, superintendent, in charge. -265 
North Dakota- 
Devils Lake (Fort Totten), Chas. L. Davis, agent ..-----------------266 

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