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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1903, Part II

Report of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,   pp. 1-190 ff. PDF (101.5 MB)

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applicant shown to be the head of a family was informed of the 
appointments to be held by the Commission and the purpose of the 
The party entered the field on October 15 and filled the following 
Chickasha..    ...       ..     .....------------------------------------
Oct. 15 to 17, inclusive. 
Pauls Valley..    ..     .   .  .    ...-----------------------------------Oct.
20 to 24, inclusive. 
Ardmore..    ....          ......-------------------------------------Oct.
27 to 31, inclusive. 
Tishomingo...      ...       .....-----------------------------------.Nov.
3 to 7, inclusive. 
Ada....          ...        .  ..      ...-----------------------------------------Nov.
10 to 14, inclusive. 
Atoka...      ....          .  ..     ...---------------------------------------.Nov.
17 to 21, inclusive. 
Garvin.....            .   ....          ..---------------------------------------Nov.
24 to 28, inclusive. 
Antlers..............--------------------------------------Dec. 1 to 5, inclusive.
Tushkahomma..      ...        .  ..     ..---------------------------------Dec.
8 to 12, inclusive. 
Wister....       ......              ...---------------------------------------Dec.
15 to 19, inclusive. 
South McAlester_----------------------------------------.Dec. 22 to 24, inclusive.
The period during which the Commission's enrollment party was in 
the field is noteworthy by reason of the inclement weather experi- 
enced. Streams were swollen by constant rain, roads were well-nigh 
impassable, and travel, by the means in vogue among the Indians, was 
seriously impeded. In some instances railroads suspended operation, 
and the party was unable to meet its engagements at the appointed 
Notwithstanding these disadvantages, the most gratifying results 
were achieved. From the information obtained the Commission has 
been enabled to determine the rights of many persons whose tribal 
enrollment had previously been the only clue to their identity, and 
eliminate from its records the names of many applicants for enroll- 
ment who died prior to September 25, 1902. Save in a few isolated 
cases the 'names of all persons appearing on the tribal rolls of the 
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations have now been disposed of by the 
Commission, and the names of those entitled to enrollment placed upon 
the schedules or partial rolls, submitted for departmental approval 
under the following provision of the act of Congress approved July 
1, 1902: 
SEC. 30. For the purpose of expediting the enrollment of the Choctaw and
saw citizens and Choctaw and Chickasaw freedmen the said Commission shall,
time to time, and as early as practicable, forward to the Secretary of the
lists upon which shall be placed the names of those persons found by-the
sion to be entitled to enrollment. The lists thus prepared, when approved
by the 
Secretary of the Interior, shall constitute a part and parcel of the final
rolls of citi- 
zens of the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes and of Choctaw and Chickasaw freedmen
upon which allotment of land and distribution of other tribal property shall
be made 
as herein provided. Lists shall be made up and forwarded when contests of
ever character shall have been determined, and when there shall have been
mitted to and approved by the Secretary of the Interior lists embracing names
of all 
those lawfully entitled to enrollment the rolls shall be deemed complete.
The rolls 
so prepared shall be made in quintuplicate, one to be deposited with the
Secretary of 
the Interior, one with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, one with the principal
chief of the Choctaw Nation, one with the governor of the Chickasaw Nation,
one to remain with the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes. 
While the Commission's field party was engaged in securing the 
information necessary to complete the final rolls of the Choctaw and 
Chickasaw nations, there were being prepared at the general office, 
pursuant to this provision 'of law, schedules containing the names of 
persons whom the Commission found entitled to enrollment as citizens 

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