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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 110

which gave us the equipment to overcome our
But back of it all was the will and spirit and
determination of a free people-who know what
freedom is, and who know that it is worth whatever
price they had to pay to preserve it.
It was the spirit of liberty which gave us our armed
strength and which made our men invincible in
battle. We now know that that spirit of liberty, the
freedom of the individual and the personal dignity
of man are the strongest and toughest and most
enduring forces in all the world.
And so on VJ-day, we take renewed faith and pride
in our own way of life. We have had our day of
rejoicing over this victory. We had our day of
prayer and devotion. Now let us set aside VJ-day
as one of renewed consecration to the principles
which have made us the strongest Nation on earth
and which, in this war, we have striven so mightily
to preserve.
Those principles provide the faith, the hope, and
the opportunity which helped men to improve them-
selves and their lot. Liberty does not make all men
perfect nor all society secure. But it has provided
more solid progress and happiness and decency for
more people than any other philosophy of govern-
ment in history. And this day has shown again that
it provides the greatest strength and the greatest
power which man has ever reached.
We know that under it we' can meet the hard
problems of peace which have come upon us. A free
people with free allies, who can develop an atomic
bomb, can use the same skill and energy and deter-
mination to overcome all the difficulties ahead.

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