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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 85

(1) The Japanese Imperial Government and Jap-
anese Imperial General Headquarters will require
execution of the following requirements effective
1800 hours [6 P. M.] Aug. 24, 1945:
(a) Japanese armed forces and civilian aviation
authorities will insure that all Japanese military,
naval and civil aircraft in Japan remain on ground,
on water or aboard ship until further notification of
disposition to be made of them.
(b) Japanese  or Japanese-controlled   military,
naval or merchant vessels of all types in Japanese
waters will be maintained without damage and will
undertake no movement beyond voyages in progress
pending instructions of the Supreme Commander for
the Allied Powers. Vessels at sea will immediately
render harmless and throw overboard explosives of all
types. Vessels not at sea will immediately remove
explosives of all types to safe storage ashore.
(c) Merchant vessels under 100 gross tons engaged
in civilian supply activities in Japanese waters are
excepted from foregoing instructions. Vessels in
Tokyo Bay engaged in evacuation of personnel from
Yokosuka Naval Base are also excepted.
(d) Japanese or Japanese-controlled ships at sea,
wherever located, will report their positions in plain
language immediately to the nearest United States,
British or Soviet radio station. They will proceed
to the nearest Allied port or such port as the Com-
mander in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet, may
direct and will await further orders. Ships will burn
navigational lights at night and will display search-
lights with beams held vertically.
(e) Japanese or Japanese-controlled submarines,
wherever located, will remain on the surface, fly a

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