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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 74

Japanese armed forces, and to provide proper and
adequate assurances of their good faith in such
action. The alternative for Japan is prompt and
utter destruction.
"The Japanese Government are ready
to accept the terms enumerated in the
joint declaration which was issued at
Potsdam    on July 26, 1945      00.   "
fapanese offer of surrender, exchange of correspondence be-
tween the Secretary of State, JAMES F. BYRNES, and max
G R ASS LI, Charge' d'Affaires ad interim of Switzerland,
August 10 through the 11th, 1915.2
GRXssLI Letter of August 10, 1915.
AUGUST 10, 1945
I have the honor to inform you that the Japanese
Minister to Switzerland, upon instructions received
from his Government, has requested the Swiss
Political Department to advise the Government of
the United States of America of the following:
"In obedience to the gracious command of His
Majesty the Emperor who, ever anxious to enhance
the cause of world peace, desires earnestly to bring
about a speedy termination of hostilities with a view
to saving mankind from the calamities to be imposed
upon them by further continuation of the war, the
Japanese Government several weeks ago asked the
2Department of State Bulletin, August 12, 1945. For Potsdam Declaration see
preceding document.

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