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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 72

(3) The result of the futile and senseless German
resistance to the might of the aroused free peoples of
the world stands forth in awful clarity as an example
to the people of Japan. The might that now con-
verges on Japan is immeasurably greater than that
which, when applied to the resisting Nazis, neces-
sarily laid waste to the lands, the industry and the
method of life of the whole German people. The full
application of our military power, backed by our
resolve, will mean the inevitable and complete
destruction of the Japanese armed forces and just as
inevitably the utter devastation of the Japanese
(4) The time has come for Japan to decide whether
she will continue to be controlled by those self-
willed militaristic advisers whose unintelligent cal-
culations have brought the Empire of Japan to the
threshold of annihilation, or whether she will follow
the path of reason.
(5) Following are our terms. We will not deviate
from them. There are no alternatives. We shall
brook no delay.
(6) There must be eliminated for all time the
authority and influence of those who have deceived
and misled the people of Japan into embarking on
world conquest, for we insist that a new order of
peace, security and justice will be impossible until
irresponsible militarism is driven from the world.
(7) Until such a new order is established and until
there is convincing proof that Japan's war-making
power is destroyed, points in Japanese territory to
be designated by the Allies shall be occupied to
secure the achievement of the basic objectives we are
here setting forth.

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