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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Table of contents,   pp. III-IV

Page IV

Truman (President):                             Page
Statement, May 8, 1945------------------------45
Address (radio), on German surrender, May 8, 1915-  46
Proclamation, May 8, 1945----------------------48
Eisenhower (General), Order of the Day, May 8, 1945_  50
Doenitz (Admiral), address to German people (radio),
May 8, 1945----------------------------------52
Occupation Terms for Germany, June 5, 1945----------54
Potsdam Declaration, July 26, 1945-----------------71
Swiss Charge d'Affaires, notes relating to Japanese sur-
render, August 10, 14, 1945-------------------74, 78
Byrnes (Secretary of State), notes relating to Japanese
surrender, August 11, 14, 1945 ----------    76, 79
Truman (President), Statement on Japanese acceptance
of Potsdam Declaration, August 14, 1945-----------81
MacArthur (General), Statement on meeting surrender
emissaries, Manila, August 20, 1945----------------83
Occupation and Surrender Terms, August 23, 1945------84
Instrument of Surrender, September 2, 1945-----------89
Surrender in other areas (footnote)              90
MacArthur (General), Statement before signing Sur-
render Instrument, September 2, 1945--------------92
Nimitz (Admiral), Statement on signing the Surrender
Instrument, September 2, 1945-------------------94
MacArthur (General), Address after signing the Sur-
render Instrument, September 2, 1945--------------96
Hirohito (Emperor of Japan), Imperial Rescript on Sur-
render, September 2, 1945-----------------------99
Imperial General Headquarters (Japan), Order of Sur-
render, September 2, 1945----------------------100
Truman (President), Address on Japanese surrender,
September 1, 1945----------------------------107

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