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Information bulletin
No. 145 (October 5, 1948)

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merhaven Port of Embarkation to expedite
the shipment of luggage. - From EUCOM
Civilian Personnel Memorandum No. 47.
Descriptive folders of the War Agencies
Employees Protective Association have been
distributed throughout the European Com-
mand. It is desired that these folders be
made available to US civilian employes
either during orientation sessions or at the
time employes are paid. - From EUCOM
Civilian Personnel Memorandum No. 47.
Children legally adopted by occupation per-
sonnel under the provisions of MG     Law
No. 10, "Adoptions by Nationals of the Uni-
ted Nations,' acquire the same status as
other authorized dependents of non-US na-
Minor children legally adopted by US peV-
sonnel who are themselves entitled to possess
WD AGO Form 65 under the provisions of
EUCOM Cir 5, of 1948, will be issued WD
AGO Form 65 or EC Form 1-16. Adoption of
a German child will not cause a family group
to become ineligible to remain in the, Euro-
pean Command.
The nationality of an adopted child will in
no way modify the granting of privileges
authorized dependents under the provisions
of EUlCOM Cir 22, of 1948. - From EUCOM
Cir 77.
All personnel entering Holland by privately
owned vehicles must have in their possession
a valid "carnet de passage' or 'triptique.'
These documents may be obtained through
American Express Agencies. The international
motor carnet as sold by the American Express
Company is valid for one year and costs $25
plus a $50 deposit. The deposit is returned
to the carnet holder at the end of the period
of validity. - From EUCOM cable SC-14667.
It is desired that major commanders estab-
lish and conduct, primarily by local publicity
means, a continuing program to encourage
the reporting of traffic violations observed by
members (military and civilian) of their com-
mands. They should be encouraged to make
a verbal or written report to the nearest pro-
vost marshal of violations by drivers of mili-
tary vehidles. Such reports preferably should
be in writing and should include the license
number, vehicle DA number, vehicle descrip-
tion, driver description, circumstances of vio-
lation, and such additional information as
will serve to definitely identify the time,
place, offender and the unit to which the
vehicle is assigned. This report should then
be forwarded by the provost marshal to the
appropriate unit commander. - From EUCOM
Cir 71.
All personnel of the European Command
are subject to customs inspection by foreign
customs officials when crossing international
boundaries in a tourist status.  Refusal to
submit to such customs inspections when cross-
ing international boundaries is a violation of
international agreements and the individual
concerned is subject to disciplinary action. -
Prom EUCOM Cir 71.
Transitet personnel  on  non-duty  status
touring through the Bremen Enclave will not
request overnight hotel accommodations at
the Dependent Staging Area in Bremerhaven.
ACcomodations of the Dependent Staging Area
must be reserved for personnel returning to
the United States and are not available for
visitors to the Bremen  Enclave. -  From
EUCOM Cir 70.
A displaced persons assembly center ts a
Camp or an accommodation area properly
requisitioned by the US Army and under
Control of the International Refugee Organi-
zation, established for the purpose of pro-
viding temporary care for displaced persons/
refugees, as defined in the Constitution of
the International Refugee Organization. An
Osembly center is construed to include such
ohusing facilities as are considered annexes
thereto, properly requisitioned by the US
OCTOBER 5, 1948
Army, and under control of the assembly
center authorities. Such housing must be
capable of control and supervision and the
residents thereof must be properly registered,
possess  valid  displaced  person  refugee
identity cards, and must maintain regular
contact with assembly center authorities. -
From EUCOM Cir 69.
When a person subject to trial by Military
Government Court is arrested, the arresting
personnel shall fill out and sign, in qua-
druplicate, Arrest Report Form MG/PS/G/4
(MGR 9-901). One copy of such arrest
report form shall be taken promptly by the
arresting personnel to the nearest MG sum-
mary court'). The original and two other
copies of the arrest report form shall be
promptly delivered by the person making the
arrest or his commanding officer to the prison
officer of the military stockade or guardhouse
or to the warden of the jail where the
person arrested is confined. Such prison
officer or warden shall forward the original
or said arrest report form to the nearest MG
summary court, shall forward one copy to
the nearest MG liaison and security officer,
and shall retain the remaining copy for his
own files. The military authorities having
custody of the person arrested shall cause
such person to be brought before the nearest
MG summary court within 24 hours from the
time of arrest. (EUCOM-SOP 96.)
Military  prisons, stockades  and  guard-
houses will accept MG prisoners authorized
to be confined in such places of confinement
pending trial belfore an MG court, upon pre-
sentation of a properly executed Arrest Report
Form, in triplicate. Acceptance will be made
whether the MG prisoner is placed in con-
finement by military law enforcement agen-
cies or by MG authorities. When signed by
a MG authority, such order will have the
same force and effect as the orders of a
military superior officer, whether the MG
authority is in a civilian or military status.
When a prisoner is accepted by the prison
officer, the prison officer shall transmit the
original of the arrest report form immediately
to the nearest MG summary court, a copy
of the same, to the nearest MG liaison and
security officer, and shall retain a copy in
his own file. Normally, the MG authorities
will initiate the order for the appearance of
a prisoner before such court within 24 hours
following arrest. However, if it appears that
such action will not be taken by the MG
authorities within such time, then the post
commander of the post in which the place of
confinement is located should cause the pris-
oner to be brought before such court.
In any event, after three days from the
time of his initial confinement, a prisoner
held for MG authorities in a military prison,
stockade or guardhouse may be released by
the post commander concerned unless con-
finement Is ordered by virtue of a "Commit-
ment" (MGR 5-905) or "Commitment on
Reference to a Higher Court" (MGR 5-907),
or other order of confinement, signed by a
MG court judge. When the release of such
an accused is contemplated, written notice
of such intended action must be personally
served upon the MG judge concerned at least
24 hours before accomplishment of the pro-
posed release. - From EUCOM Cir 69.
') Summary courts have been replaced by
magistrates under the recent civilianization of
the MG court system. See Information Bulle-
tin No. 143 of Sept. 1, 1948.
Anmerican Consuls in Germany have re-
sumed issuance of visas for stepchildren of
American personnel who served in the Armed
Forces between Dec. 7, 1942, and Dec. 31,
1946, and thereby qualify for entry of alien
dependents into the United States under pro-
visions of Public Law 271 (War Brides Act).
In addition, letters issued by American
consuls stating that alien-adopted children
may enter the United States under provisions
of this law without visa will be accepted in
lieu of visa or waiver of documents pre-
scribed in EUCOM Cir 29 of 1948.
Personnel being retained under provisions
of a EUCOM message of July 22, 1948, are
to apply at nearest American consul for
proper clearance. - From EUCOM message
US military rail tickets purchased by non-
duty travelers from German Travel Offices
(Deutsches Reisebuero) will be valid only for
a period of four days after date specified
by the traveler. This does not necessarily
mean four days from the date the ticket is
purchased, as the travel office (DER) will
stamp the date requested by the traveler on
the ticket. Unused tickets are subject to
refund any time within their valid date. -
From EUCOM WD No. 33.
Dr. Chaim Hoffman, director of the Jewish
Agency for Palestine, has been formally
recognized by EUCOM Headquarters as official
representative of the provisional government
of Israel for the US occupation Area of
Germany and is authorized to issue visas.
In view of the current withdrawal by PCIRO
from participation in support of the movement
of Jewish DP's to Israel, EUCOM Headquar-
ters has undertaken to give direct support
to the Jewish Agency for Palestine as official
agency sponsoring such movements.
Post commanders are therefore authorited
to deal directly with representatives of JAFP
and provide such assistance as is necessary
in processing and movement, in that same
fashion as normally provided to PCIRO.
Normal procedure will require Jewish emi-
grees to possess CTB temporary travel docu-
ment (or other valid passport) and exit per-
mit. Procurement of same will be by same
procedure as for PCIRO-sponsored movements,
except that collection and submission of 265
forms to CTB offices will be handled by JAPP
personnel, who will also submit certification
to effect that applicants: will be issued bona-
fide immigration visas to Israel; and are
scheduled to depart from Germany on a given
date, under sponsorship of JAFP.
JAFP will file directly with CTB offices
concerned sample signatures of personnel
authorized to sign such certifications. No cer-
tification of DP status IRO eligibility will be
required, as JAFP sponsorship is recognized
in lieu thereof.
JAFP will collect, at time of departure, DP
identity cards or kennkarten from all emi-
grees for whom a CTB temporary travel
document has been issued. These surrendered
documents will be alphabetically arranged
and forwarded by JAFP to the CTB branch
office from which the travel documents were
issued. JAFP will also promptly return to
the issuing CTB office for cancellation Such
travel documents as remain unused.-From
EUCOM cable SC-11115.
The Office of the Chief of Staff, EUCOM,
has on file a complete set of Combined Chiefs
of Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff and State Army,
Navy, Air Coordinating Committee papers
which have been received in Europe since
the beginning of 1943. These papers have
been obtained from the Department of the
Army (and its predecessor, the War Depart-
ment) for the specific purpose of providing a
single reference library for the command.
To prevent duplication in requests made to
the Department of the Army, all requests for
these papers should be processed through the
Office of the Secretary General Staff, Hq
EUCOM, APO 403. Inquiries by telephone with
reference to these papers should be made to
Heidelberg Military 294 or 537. - From
EUCOM Weekly Directive No. 29.
The provost marshal, EUCOM Headquar-
ters, will have the custody of all lost or
abandoned private property, and may delegate
custody and responsibility for disposition to
provost marshals of subordinate commands.
The provost marshal shall seek to ascertain
the owners of such property and, if ascer-
tained, shall deliver such property to the
owners, their heirs or legal representatives,
or to their duly-appointed agents for such
If ordinary and usual inquiry does not
disclose the owner of such property it shall
be the duty of the provost marshal to insert
in some American newspaper of general cir-

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