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Information bulletin
No. 145 (October 5, 1948)

Editorial opinions in German press,   pp. 11-13 PDF (1.7 MB)

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how Germany had been out off from
the world since f933, first by Nazi
propaganda ("The farther we get
away from those times, the less we
can understand how a nation with the
intellectual and cultural standing of
Germany could fall for so crude a
swindle"), later by the wall of hatred
which Nazi aggression built around
"As it was the first invitation of
this kind, the American papers have
given the visit of the German journa-
lists big advance publicity... with
pictures and life stories... They have
thought of all details to make the
stay of their German guests as profit-
able and pleasant as possible. For
example, every invited German jour-
nalist was assured that immediately
after arrival in New York he would
receive $150 to buy clothing, because
it was impossible to take along heavy
baggage on the air trip."
Defends Gen. Clay
The Schwaebische Post (Aalen)
carried a spirited defense of Gen.
Lucius D. Clay, US Military Governor,
"the most sirnificant firnire in erm,-n
"As to the failure of democrati-
zation in Germany, General Clay
harbors probably the least illusions.
But here, with western help, a clearly
recognizable change is taking place
as evidenced by Berlin and its uni-
versally-acclaimed resistance to dic-
tatorship ...
"The deep respect with which Ber-
liners look up to General Clay is
shared throughout the West by all
who know with what energy he is
working to lay the foundations for the
new structure of Western Germany."
Better Farming
In the Frankfurter Rundschau, Dr.
Hans Schlange-Schoeningen, director
of the Food, Agriculture and Foresty
depaitment, Bizonal Economic Ad-
ministration, told of his impressions
of US agriculture:
"German agriculture certainly does
not need to be ashamed of its achieve-
ments; with its average production
per acre it stands among the leading
countries in the world. Visiting for-
eigners, however, are always amazed
that these achievements are attained
farmers well enough to be convi
that they'll eagerly pick up new
better methods and will know
to use them."
The Frankfurter Neue Presse Pi
lished a special supplement for I
Frankfurt agricultural exhibition W
two pictures-one of a caterplm
tractor pulling a battery of ploui
on a field in South Dakota, the ot
of a German couple awkward
ploughing with two cows.
Dr. Schlange-Schoeningen, I
second article on his trip to
United States, wrote:
"The impressions I brought b4
with me from the 'country of unik
ted opportunity' have far surpaA4
my expectations... I am convins
that in the last 15 years we
paid far too little attention to
ress in other countries ... I was
ed to find in the United St
275-acre farms being cultivated
the owner with two assistants..
"In the so-called 'Extension Serl
a connecting link between se
and practice, the United Statei
an exemplary institution. A stj
scientists in uiniversitie.a nu
"Mr. Draper (US under secretary
of the Army) has given me permis-
sion to send some of the best Ger-
man experts and scientists to the
United States to study agricultural
progress. We shall adapt the know-
ledge they bring back to our condit-
ions, and I know my German fellow-
Dismantling Criticize
In the Nuernberger Nachri
(Nuremberg) Heinrich Mertens aj
This Is the first C-82 "flying boxcar" to arrive at Tempelhof airfield
in the current airlift operations.
brought a load of quartermaster supplies. The big twin-fuselage plane has
a capacity of about seven toi
(US Army Signal Cor

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