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Information bulletin
No. 145 (October 5, 1948)

Woodhouse, Chaseng
Today's women of Germany,   pp. [2]-5 PDF (3.1 MB)

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Berlin women, using shovels, take the place of scarce machinery in clearing
debris In front of bombed-out built
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THERE IS a good nucleus among
German women around which can
be developed a basic movement toward
German-rooted democracy. The women
who form this nucleus already have
confidence in  Women's Affairs of
OMGUS and in MG policies, and are
anxious to help in the reconstruction
of Germany.
Their leaders, trained largely during
Weimar Republic days, have suffered
from both World Wars. They have
learned that German nationalism does
not pay. Their hope is for pan-Europa
and peace, while in communism they
see the same evils as those in nazism.
They do not have a very clear com-
prehension of the real meaning of
democracy or of its methods and re-
sponsibilities, but they do have an
By Mrs.
appreciation of its benefits
This group is not large
intelligent; it is determine
suffered enough so that it is
pay the price necessary t
freedom. Moreover, it is
articulate group (apart from
munists, who also are better
among the German women
to OMGUS for help.
In all Germany, there are
more women than men. AC
the October, 1946, census
Zone, there are 124 women
100 men. For every 100 me
20-25 years of age there
women; between 25-30 yea
170 women; 30-40 years of
women; 50-60 years of age, I
This is the Tesult of two wart
figures mean that German w
great potential power.
Statistics, interviews, re
members of Military Go'
all point to the same conclus
Female members of a family seek stray ears of corn left after harvest.

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