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Information bulletin
No. 133 (April 20, 1948)

Offical instructions,   pp. 23-[24] PDF (1.3 MB)

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General Orders, No. 23, Hq EUCOM,
27 February 1948. Section I - Organiz-
ation of the 7890 Headquarters Group
(EUCOM). Effective 1 March 1948 this
group is organized at Frankfurt. Sec-
tion II-Redesignation of the US Mili-
tary Liaison Mission to the Comman-
der-in-Chief of the Soviet Occupied
Zone of Germany. Effective 1 March
1948 the new designation in 7893 US
Military Liaison Mission to the Con-
mander-in-Chief of the Soviet Occu-
pation- Zone of Germany.
Circular No. 23, Central Personnel
Clearance  Office,  Hq    OMGUJSJ
2 March 1948. To facilitate and expe-
dite clearance of financial and prop-
erty accountability and responsibility
for personnel departing from Berlin
the AG's Branch, Hq Berlin Command
OMGUS, has located an office in
Building D, Room 200, 32-34 Gary-
strasse, Berlin-Dahlem.
General Orders No. 8, Redesignation
of Units, OMGUS, 8 March 1948.
Effective 20 March 1948 the 7780
OMGUS Groups is organized and
consists of seven units.
Operating Agencies and Assigned
EUCOM Code Numbers, AG 130 BFD-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 11 March 1948.
Effective 1 April 1948 the following
code numbers are assigned: APO 403,
Heidelberg Military Post, No. 1037;
APO 154, Stuttgart Military Post,
No. 1038; APO 175, Darmstadt Mili-
tary Post, No. 1039, and APO 159,
Wetzlar Military Post, No. 1040.
Changes No. 2, Overseas Movement
of Military Personnel, Hq EUCOM,
11 March 1948. Gives substitution for
EUCOM-SOP 77, 18 December 1947.
General Orders, No. 27, Hq EUCOM,
12 March 1948. Section I-Army Com-
mlendation Ribbon; Section II-Amend-
dents and Section III-Revocation.
Maintenance of Law and Order
Among   United  Nations  Displaced
Persons, AG 383.7 GCA - AGO, Hq
EUCOM, 12 March 1948     Cites the
authority of US and German law en-
forcement agencies to invoke EUCOM
Circular 81, 1947 and USFET-SOP 81,
16 May 1946.
Personnel  Bulletin,  H-36; F-l9,
Changes No. 2, Hours of Duty and
Overtimes OMGUS, 13 March 1948.
APRIL 20, 1948
Gives substitutions for Bulletin H-36,
F-19, 20 May 1947.
Mess Supervision and Management,
15 March 1948. Cites the need for
closer check as to good management,
operation and security.
Changes No. 1, USFET-SOP 99, Hq
EUCOM, 15 March 1948. Refers to
Travel Control Directive for the
European Theater.
Appropriated Funds Authorized to
Duty Travel Outside of Germany,
AG 120 AGP-B, Hq EUCOM, 16 March
1948. Lists the projects-chargeable for
travel outside of Germany.
SOP No. 96 Revised, Arrest, Search
and Seizure, Hq EUCOM, 16 March
Circular No. 30, OMGUS, 17 March
1948. Section I-Changes in Status of
Personnel; Section II - US Government
Motor- Vehicle Dispatcher; Section
III-Standing Orders and Section IV-
Processing of Enlisted Personnel for
Shipment to ZI.
General Orders No. 28, Hq EUCOM,
17 March 1948. Section I-Redesigna-
tion of Berlin Command; Section JI-
American Graves Registration Com-
mand, European Area and Section lIT-
Announcement of Assignment. Colonel
Frank J. Pearson, is announced as
Inspector General, European Com-
mand, at Frankfurt, effective 5 April
Separation of Officers for Enlist-
ment   or   Reenlistment,  210.456
(BCAGX), OMGUS, 17 March 1948.
Calls attention to EUCOM  Weekly
Directive No. 9, Section XIV, 5 March
.1948. Calls attention to EUCOM
Weekly Directive No. 9, Section XIV,
5 March 1948 which contains inform-
ation not previously published.
OMGUS Action on Laenderrat
Request D 52 - 1, L 29 - 5, and INT
29-1, AG 014,1 (SG), OMGUS, 17
March 1948. D 52-1 Refers to Com-
ment on Question of Issuance of Im-
plementing Regulations under Arti-
cles 17 and 30 of the Restitution Law;
L 29-5 Information on the Return of
German Prisoners of War and on
Deaths During Detention and INT
29-1 Revision of Dates for Taking of
Census in Labor Statistics.
Circular No.31, OMGUS, 18 March
1948. Section I-Real-Estate. Gives sub-
stitution for paragraph 4e, EUCOM
Circular No. 2 1948. Section TI-
Hunting and Fishing Policy. Gives
substitution for paragraph ig, EUCOM
Circular No. 120, 1947. Section III-
Foreign Tours of Military Personnel.
Gives substitutions for EUCOM Cir-
cular No. 88, 30 October 1947.
Changes No. 3, Overseas- Move-
ment of Military    Personnel, Hq
EUCOM, 18 March 1948. Gives sub-
stitution for EUCOM-SOP 77, 18 De-
cember 1947.
Changes No. 2, Movement and Doc-
umentation of Supplies in the Euro-
pean Command, Hq EUCOM, 18 March
1948. -Gives substitution for EUCOM-
SOP 24, 22 December 1947.
Implementation of Notice No. 2
under Military Government Law
No. 53 as it Relates to United Nations
Displaced Persons, AG 383.7 GCA-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 18 March 1948.-
Gives instructions for displaced per-
sons during the period 1 to. 15 April
1948 to deposit with the Land Central
Bank, as agents of MG, all foreign
exchange assets as described in Ar-
ticle 3 of MG Law No. 53, to include
foreign currencies and securities and
gold, silver and platinum, in mone-
tary or bullion form.
Policy Regarding Non-Governmental
Business and Professional Associa-
tions, AG 080 (CA), OMGUS, 19 March
1948. Confirms the policy of MG as
set forth in MGR 13-120 BICO/Memo
(48)13 and MG Law No. 56.
Circular- No. 26, Nonappropriated
Funds, Hq EUCOM, 19 March 1948.
Gives  substitutions  for  EUCOM
Circular 101, 1947.
Visits by Foreign Liaison Officers
to German Prisons, AG 014.331 GCA-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 19 March 1948.
Lists the correct address for cc-
Copies of Official Instructions
listed in the Information Bulletin
may be obtained by writing
directly to the originating head-
-    quarters.

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