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Information bulletin
No. 133 (April 20, 1948)

Occupation activities,   pp. 20-22 PDF (1.6 MB)

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economy, and 15,047 employed in
civilian labor service units.
Since the organized DP resettlement
program was started on March 1, 1946,
88,990 DP's from the US Zone have
been resettled in 45 countries. Ap-
proximately 688,500 United Nations
DP's have been repatriated from the
US Zone since the dissolution of
SHAEF in July 1945.
A CARE central sales office for
Germany has been opened in Stutt-
gart to provide rapid delivery of
CARE food packages to beneficiaries
in Berlin and the three western zones
of Germany. By eliminating the ne-
cessity of ordering through the New
York office of CARE, it is estimated
that delivery time will be cut to an
average of one week from receipt of
the order.
Illegal border activity in Bavaria
resulted in a sharp increase in arrests,
a moderate increase in rejections, and
a sharp decrease in the value of
goods seized.
A heavy increase in the number
and size of Czech border patrols has
been observed. These patrols are in
many cases armed with automatic
weapons and appear to be of a mil-
itary or semi-military nature. The
civilian population in some Czech
border areas is apparently being
moved to the interior of the country.
Berlin Sector
Soviet authorities have agreed to
release the necessary railway cars for
the movement of scrap metal from
the US Sector of Berlin to inland
water loading docks in the British and
French Sectors. This scrap metal is
being moved by barge to Hamburg
for export to the United States.
In Berlin, plans for the publication
of two current events magazines have
been completed. One will serve the
10-14 age group, the other the 15-18
age group. The first issue is expected
to be published during the second
week of April.
Nine delegates from Methodist
Churches in the US Sector and the
US Zone will attend the world con-
ference of the Methodist Church to be
held in Boston, April 28 to May 15.
Several of the delegates will remain
in America four or five months to
visit Methodist institutions and study
American church work.
A typhoid epidemic reported on
March 12 at Eislingen, 12 miles from
Goeppingen, had resulted in a total
of 223 cases and eight deaths by
March 26. Most cases occurred among
women and children. Preliminary in-
vestigation indicated the apparent
cause was a breakdown in the filtra-
A second shoe exhibit was held this
month In Frankfurt. Germans examine
shoes made in the US, British and
French Zones.          (DENA-Bild)
tion gallery in the main water supply
system supplying four small villages.
Chlorination of all water supplies is
being enforced and inoculation of
contacts begun.
At a meeting in Kassel (Hesse) the
Supreme Council of the Evangelical
Church in Germany approved a draft
of a new Church constitution, which
will be submitted to a constitutional
synod for final action next summer.
British Zone
The regional commissioner for
Schleswig-Holstein has ratified the
new law on the continuation and
completion of denazification drafted
by the state legislature. This is the
first denazification law to be pro-
mulgated by any state legislature in
the British Zone.
The Ribbentrop collection of paint-
ings and carpets, looted from France
during the occupation, will shortly
be restituted to France and the right-
ful owners. The collection. which was
discovered in the Foreign Office in
Berlin and at Schloss Julianica near
Itzehoe, was brought to Hamburg for
identification purposes.
Anglo-German clubs where British
and Germans can meet on an equal
footing are to be established in the
British Zone of Germany. It is propos-
ed initially to open two such clubs
in the state of North Rhine/West-
phalia, and one each in the states of
Niedersachsen,  Schleswig-Holstein,
Hamburg, and in Berlin.
Bonus Food Granted
Import licenses for the purchase of
tea, coffee, sardines and cheese cot
ing $500,000, from the United State
Holland and Portugal, have bee
granted to the Bonus "B" office
the German Economic Administratiom
(Verwaltungsamt fur Wirtschaft) for,
allocation under the export workers'
incentive plan, the Joint Export-Import
Agency announced.
This is the first expenditure
funds accumulated at the rate of fl
percent of all foreign exchange pr
ceeds realized from export sales fro
the Bizonal Area.
Under the interim  procedure
tablished in February by the Bizon
Executive Committee, the VFW an
German trade unions, each expo
worker will be entitled to use out
his accumulated share of the bow
funds a maximum of $6 per mon
for the purpose of commodities
ported under the Bonus "B" plan,
to the extent of availability of su
Food will be the first item to
imported with bonus funds. Oth
types of imports will be added lat
according to the desires of employ
entitled to Bonus "B" and the av
ability of these commodities in .
world market.
APRIL 20, i

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