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Information bulletin
No. 133 (April 20, 1948)

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are being made to take advantage of
an offer of 15 tons per week of mine
explosives from Belgium.
Production of newsprint in the
week ending March 13 was 1,676 tons,
the highest weekly total since the
occupation began. It declined to 1,450
tons in the week ending March 20.
February was the peak month of
the occupation in tire production,
with an output of 122,773 tres and
125,141 tubes. To supply the raw
materials needed for increased tire
production in the third and fourth
quarters of 1948, JEIA has been
requested  to  obtain  immediately
$8,800,000 worth of raw cotton and
In accordance with the agreement
reached by US, British, arid French
Military Government representatives
in Berlin on Feb. 20, to place trade
between the Bizonal Area and the
Saar on a foreign trade basis effective
April 1, a detailed procedure has been
drawn up to execute the transition
with a minimum disruption to trade.
No further interzonal trade permits
will be issued but will be replaced by
customary export licenses.
At a recent conference, German
authorities of the truncated French
Zone and the Bizonal Area drew up
an interzonal trade program for the
period April through December 1948,
in accordance with the Berlin agree-
ment mentioned above. It is expected
that the final agreement will be rati-
fied in Baden-Baden about April 20.
Agreement has been reached be-
tween authorities of the Combined
Travel Board and British, French, and
US transport authorities to discontinue
the use of the Military Entry Permit
for foreign bargemen, and to allow
only the use of the laissez passer,
stamped with an indorsement permit-
ting entry.
Railway workers of the US and
British Zones founded their first bi-
zonal industrial union at a delegates'
convention at Frankfurt March 23-26.
The convention was also attended by
delegations of the International Trans-
port Workers" Federation (ITF) from
the United States, Great Britain, Bel-
gium, the Netherlands, Switzerland,
and Sweden.
APRIL 20, 1948
Approval for inaigurating outgoing
international airmail service for Ger-
man nationals was given by Bipartite
Four Zones
The communist (SED/KPD) dominat-
ed People's Congress (Volkskongress)
meeting in Berlin on March 17 and 18
decided to launch a petition campaign
in all zones, calling for a plebiscite
on the unity of Germany, and formed
a Peoples Council of 400 persons
headed by a Praesidium of 29 persons.
TheCouncil was established to carry
on "the struggle for German unity"
between sessions of the Congress, and
to execute the decisions of the latter.
On March 18, in Berlin, all political
parties participated in observance of
the 100th anniversary of the 1848
revolution. At the Platz der Republik,
in spite of the inclement weather,
25,000 non-Communists listened to
memorial addresses. The Communist
celebration was closely connected
with the deliberations of the People's
US Zone
Crime incidence increased modera-
telly in all states except Bremen, where
no appreciable change was noted. On
March 15 border police stationed at
Rhine-Main airport assumed inspec-
tion control with respect to all per-
sons arriving or departing who come
under German police jurisdiction.
Newspaper publishers and editors
from the United States and other
countries have been invited to attend
an international conference of publish-
ers to be held in Munich on April 28
in connection with the opening of the
Press Exhibition.
To provide German trade unions
with information on labor, working
and living conditions, and trade union
activities in the United States and
Western European countries, Military
Government began to issue a weekly
eight-page mimeographed bulletin
"Arbeitsmitteilungen" (Labor News),
containing purely factual and sta-
tistical information.
A report released by Headquarters,
European Command, shows that as of
Jan. 31 there were 475,505 DP's living
in and out of PCIRO assembly centers
in the US Zone. The report, compiled
from US Army, Military Government
and PCIRO sources, shows an in-camp
population of 316,689; 143,769 in-
dividuals living within the German
Seven professors from the University of Chicago arrive at the Rhine-
- Main Airport, Frankfurt. Six of them will lecture at the University of
Frankfurt this summer. The group Includes Professors Louis Thurstone,
, Thelma Thurstone, Roger Oake, Elder Olson, Everett Hughes, Paul Weiss,
and Wilhelm Pauck.                                     (DENA-Bild)

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