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Information bulletin
No. 133 (April 20, 1948)

Army to continue control in Germany,   p. 2 PDF (377.2 KB)

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Army to Continue
Control in Germany
The control of government in the US occupied area of Germany will
remain indefinitely in the hands of the US Army, the White House
announced in Washington on March 23. This step nullifies plans for
the taking over of US Zone administration by the State Department,
which was scheduled to take place on or about July 1.
Gen. Lucius D. Clay will remain as Military Governor and Com-
nmander-in-Chief of US Forces in Europe.
The text of the White House announcement follows:
"Following a review of the present situation, it has been decided that
it would be inadvisable to make any changes in our present ad-
ministrative arrangements for Germany.
"This decision will not have any adverse effect on progress toward
developing German responsibility for self-government and administrative
"General Clay remains as Military Governor and as Commander-in-
Chief of US Forces in Europe."
The Military Governor, in reply to a question asked at a press con-
ference in Frankfurt on March 25, said there would be no changes in
plans for cutting Military Government staffs+, and in the civilianization
General Clay said:
"There will be no changes in the programs at all. That has nothing
to do with the transfer or take-over. It is normal process with the
restoration of further self-government and further responsibility to the
German people, and the program will continue. The only possible effect
might be a retardation of civilianization of some of the officers within
Military Government. However, that would be a minimum retardation
and not a policy."
The Military Governor said that, except in individual cases, it will
continue to be the policy to return military personnel in Military
Government to the Uniteid States unless they civilianized within a
certain period of time.
He added that under exceptional conditions an officer may be per-
mitted to complete his foreign tour in Military Government, but be
subject to replacement when his tour was completed.
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APRIL 20, 1948

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