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Information bulletin
No. 132 (April 6, 1948)

Friendship train,   pp. 8-9 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 8

Friendship Train in Bremen. Maj. Gen. George P. Hays,
US Deputy Military Governor, addresses the crowd.
A chorus of German children greets the Friendship Train,
which was loaded with relief supplies, at Duesseldorf.
Standing in front of welcoming elephants at Duesseldorf
are: Mr. Richard McKinney, representing Oregon; Mr. G. B.
McKibbin, Gen. Clay's adviser on governmental affairs;
Mr. Otto J. Bothne, Idaho; Mrs. Otis Lampson, Washington;
Mr. Ralph Bartholomew, Alaska; Joseph Sklower, Montana.
Friendship Train Welcomed
The Pacific Northwest and Alaska Friendship Train,
loaded with 700 tons of relief supplies, toured the
Western Zones of Germany recently. Its load of food
and clothes was part of a 3,000-ton cargo which
arrived at Bremen on the SS Gretna Victory. Citi-
zens of the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and
Montana, and the Territory of Alaska donated the
shipment to relieve suffering in the US, British and
French Zones of Germany and Austria. The supplies,
which represent a cost of $2,000,000, originally were
scheduled to arrive at Christmas. They are being
distributed by CRALOG.   (Photos by BowIds, OMGUS PI0}
Mr. Richard McKinney, representing the governor of Ore-
gon, speaks to Germans who thronged Frankfurt's Main
railroad station upon the arrival of the Friendship Train
A 13-year old German girl reads a welcoming addread
upon the arrival of the Friendship Train at Mainz, ex-
pressing the thanks of Mainz citizens for gifts from the
Americans living on the Pacific Coast and Alaska.

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