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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

Key list of MG personnel,   pp. 25-[32] PDF (4.8 MB)

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Allied Military Missions
The personnel of the military missions
accredited to the Allied Control Authority
are listed in the annex to OMGUS letter,
AG 091.112 (SG) of Feb. 28. The letter
states that the US Element, Allied Liaison
& Protocol Section, OMGUS, Is the official
point of contact between these missions
and all echelons of Military Government.
The personnel are listed as follows:
Address: 40 Johannesburger Strasse, BeTlin..
Schmargendorf (British Sector), Tel.: 86-4457.
Brig. F. G. Galleghan, chief of mission.
,Mr. H. Gilchrist, political secretary.
Major L. McGuinn, administrative officer.
Mrs. P. C. Oliver, personal assistant to chief.
Mr. G. Greenhalgh,    officer  in  charge  of
Address:   16/18  Stroesserstrasse,  Berlin-
Tegel-Konradshoehe (French Sector), Tel.:
Lt. Gen. Georges Goethals, chief of mission.
Mr. F. Seynaeve, minister plentipotentiary.
Col. R. Colin, G.S.O.I.
Mr. J. Halleux, chief consul.
Major R. E. H. Buisseret, military liaison.
Mr. L. Jacobs, press attache.
Mr. G. Lonnoy, 1st secretary.
Capt. Commandant D. d'Aspremont-Lynden,
legal officer.
Capt. Commandant F. C. Poswick, internal
Capt. A. Fallas, internal affairs & Russian.
Address: 12 Hugo - Vogel - Strasse, Berlin-
Wannsee (US-Sector), Tel: 80-4763.
Maj. Gen. Anor Teixeira dos Santos, chief
of mission.
Col. Aurelio de Lyra Tavares, executive
Major Rubens MonteiTo de Castro, repatriation.
Capt. Egas Moniz de Aragao Filho, secretary,
liaison officer.
Miss Liese-Lotte Tinoce de Mattos, personal
Address: Commonwealth House, 40 Johannes-
burger Strasse, Berlin-Schmargendorf (Bri-
tish Sector), Tel: 86-4460.
Lt. Gen. Maurice Pope, chief of mission.
Col. J. J. Hurley, counsellor.
Capt. A. W. Clabon, administrative officer.
Miss S. Pope, secretary to chief.
Mr. S. J. Rudland, personal assistant to chief.
Address: 62 Podbielski Allee, Berlin-Dahlem
(US-Sector). Tel: 76-5906J76-5777/76-5780.
Lt. Gen. Huang Chi-haing, chief of mission.
Dr. P. C. Miao, deputy chief.
Lt. Cal. Twu Ren-chaing, military affairs.
Lt. Col. Young Kwok-chui, technical affairs.
Major Wei Yao-chi, military affairs.
Capt. Ling Yun-chung, ADC.
Mr. Ma Lien-tsieh, 3rd secretary.
Mr. Liu Pe-lin, attache.
Mr. Hsueh Chi-hao, technical affairs.
Address: 54 Podbielski Allee, Berlin-Dahlem
(US-Sector), Tel: 76-6171.
Brig. Gen. F. Dastich, chief of mission,
Dr. B. Bruegerl, 1st deputy chief, 1st coun-
cellor of legation.
Dr. J. Novotny, 2nd deputy chief, 1st coun-
cellor of legation.
Mr. B. Sust, councellor of legation.
Lt. Col. J. Sustr, military affairs.
Mr. J. Benes, commercial attache.
Mr. J. Bublik.
Mr. K. Vohma.
Mr. K. Vorbs.
Miss Marie Petrackova.
Address: 49 Potsdamer Chaussee, Berlin-
Nikolassee   (US - Sector);  Charlottenburg
Office: 48 Tiergartenstrasse, Tel: 32-0596/
Maj. Gen. E. A. M. Biering, chief of mission.
Major P. Juel, ADC.
Lt. Col. H. G. A. H. Wenck, deputy chief.
Lt. Cod. E. J. Rohin, commercial adviser.
Major A. C. Karsten, legal affairs.
Major B. F. Lyre, Russian liaison officer.
Capt. 0. Jacobsen, consular affairs.
Miss M. L. Morck-Christensen, personal
assistant to chief.
1st Lt. Grete Balle, archives.
Address:   7/8 Uhlandstrasse,  Berlin-Char-
lottenburg 2 (British Sector), Tel: 86-5581.
Capt. C. Papageorgiou, acting chief of mission.
1st Lt. Th. Ypsilantis, political affairs.
Sub. Lt. A. C. Kazantzis, secretary.
Mr. G. L. Nicolaides-Bourbaki, delegate for
Mr. E. G. Lykouris, assistant consular service.
Address: Commonwealth House, 40 Johannes-
burger Straie, Berlin-Schmargendorf (Bri-
tish Sector), Tel.: 86-4476.
Major S. C. Sabharwal, acting chief cf
Lt. C. M. D. Pryce-Harrison, personalassistant
to chief.
Mr. K. V. Ramaswamy,       acting  economics
Major T. P. Francis, consular officer.
Mr. N. Kesavan, assistant economics adviser.
Mr. R. A. Khan, personal assistant to eco-
nomics adviser.
Address: 40 Lusshaeherstrasse, Berlin-Tegel-
Konradshoehe (French Sector), Tel: 49-3068.
Col. Albert Wehrer, chief of mission.
Major Nicolas Hommel.
Major Paul Eichhorn
Lt. Gustave Weisgerber.
Miss Marie Lehnen.
The Netherlands
Address: 7/8 Uhlandstrasse, Berlin-Charlotten-
burg 2 (British Sector), Tel: 86-5581/86-5589.
Maj. Gen. Dr. W. Huender, chief of mission.
Capt. H. F. Heyting4 ADC.
Cmdr. J. H. Zeemanr, political affairs.
Col. H. van der Vaart, economics.
Lt. Col. Jhr. A. van Lennep, finance.
Lt. Col. N. Naeff, restitutions and reparations.
Col. P. R. F. C. de 13ruyn, military matters.
Lt. Col. G. P. de Kruyff, military matters.
Col. A. Millenaar, consular matters.
Capt. H. van Ravenstein, consular matters.
Address: 11 Rauchstrasse, Berlin-Charlotten-
burg (British Sector), Tel: 86-5671/86-5672/
Maj. Gen. C. 3. Helgeby, chief of mission.
Lt. Col. E. Braadland, deputy chief.
Major H. Jacobsen, consular affairs.
Major C. A. H. Gundelach, commercial affairs.
Major W. Brandt, press attache.
Lt. Gerd Groener, personal assistant to chief.
2nd Lt. R. Bergaust, personal assistant to press
2nd Lt. A. Kollenberg.
2nd Lt. T. Heier.
Address:  42 Schlueterstrasse,  Berlin-Char-
lottenburg  (British Sector), Tel.: 32-3066/
Maj. Gen. Dr. J. Prawin, chief of mission.
Col. A. Przyboj-Jarecki, deputy.
Lt. Col. S. Gebert, counsellor.
Lt. Col. J. Mairecki, consul general.
Col. K. Sidor, military attache.
Lt. Cal. H. Mueller, press attache.
Mr. T. Wyszkowski, commercial affairs.
Lt. .Cc. T. Lewandowski, Internal affairs.
South Aflica
Address: Commonwealth House, 40 Johannes-
burger Strasse, Benlin-Schmargendorf (British
Sector), Tel.: 86-5471.
Maj. Gen. B. F. Armstrong, chief of mission.
Lt. G. E. Offringa, personal assistant to chief.
Lt. Col. D. D. Moodie, G. S. 0. 1.
Mr. A. B. F. Burger, political and economics
Capt. A. L. Thackwray, administrative officer.
M. P. Gray, passport controal officer.
Mr. R. C. Bowers, assistant passport control
Capt. L. D. Jacklin, secretary to passport con-
trol section.
Address:   17/18 Rauchstrasse, Berlin-Char-
lottenburg (British Sector), Tel: 91-0161 -
Lt. Gen. V. Hoijevac, chief of mission.
Col. M. Hotic, deputy chief.
Mr. R. Radovic, consular and legal affairs.
Mr. Ing. D. Knezevic.
Dr. M. Micacio.
Major Coporda, repatriation.
Lt. Col. Eng. I. Orovic, reparations and restitu
Capt. S. Skrabar, press.
Mr. Tomicic, commercial assistant.
Mrs. D. Petkovic, secretary.
Nine countries have established con-
sulates in Frankfurt and six more have
been authorized to establish consulates
there. Those presently functioning, with
their consuls and addresses, are:
United Kingdom: Mr. R. G. Monnypenny
47 Zeppelinallee.
Chile: Mr. Camillo Riccio, 33 Frauenlobstrasse
Denmark: Mr. R. Kampp, 34 Brunningstrasse,
France: Mr. Decamps, 69 Zeppelinallee.
Greece: Mr. N. Kalamidas, 6 Hochmuhlstrasse,'
Poland: Mr. Jang-Mochinachi (vice consul),
43 Schaumainkaistrasse.
Sweden: Mr. Sten Aminoff, 40 Gutleutstrass&
Switzerland: Mr. P. Hochstrasser, 2 Mylius-
Turkey: Mr. Ohran T. Gunden, 27 Zeppelin1
Others authorized are Austria, Belgium#
Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Italy and the Nether-

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