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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

Key list of MG personnel,   pp. 25-[32] PDF (4.8 MB)

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Chief, Adult Education Brands: Mr. Ralph E.
Berry, 660.
Chief, Schools Branch: Mr. Payne Templeton,
Chief, Religious Affairs Branch: Dr. Karl J.
Arndt, 413.
Chief, Youth Activities Branch: Mr. Leon
A. Shelnutt, 574.
Assistant Chief: Mr. Aksel G. Nielsen, 426.
Legal Division
Director: Mr. Richard J. Jackson, 259.
Chief, German Justice Branch: Mr. Ralph E.
Brown, 597/Ext. 263.
Chief Prisons Branch: Mr. Paul J. Gernert,
597/Ext. 256.
Chief, Legal Advise Branch: Mr. Wesley A.
Smith, 97/Ert. 274.
Assistant Chief: Mr. John Davis, 597/Ext. 273.
Chief, Military Government Courts Branch:
Mr. Carl P. Fulghum, 597/Ext. 217.
Information Control Division
Director: Mr. Nicholas Cannedy, 620.
Executive Officer: Mr. Stuart L. Hannon, 649.
Chief, Radio Control Branch: Mr. Fred G.
Taylor, 93678.
Chief, Press Control Branch: Mr. Joseph L.
Dees, 638.
Chief, Publication Control Branch: Mr. E. W.
Schnitzer, 610.
Chief, Film Control Branch: Mr. John Scott,
Chief, Theater & Music Control: Mr. William
Castello, 621.
Chief, Exhibit & Information Centers: Mr.
Michael Weyl, 93091.
Chief, Intelligence Branch: Mr. John H. Boxer,
Chief, Research Branch: Mr. William Stevens,
Civil Administration Division
Director: Mr. Chester B. Lewis, 395.
Chief, Government Structure Branch: Mr.
Harold L. Wyatt, 358.
Chief, Wuerttemberg Section: Mr. Donald S.
Harper, 374.
Chief, Baden Section: Capt. Henry Walter
Chief, Legislative Coordinating Branch: Mr.
Fentress Gardener, 568.
Intelligence Division
Director: Mr. Peter Vacca, 541.
OMG for Bremen
Director: Mr. Thomas F. Dunn, 20686.
Deputy Director: Capt. Charles R. Jeffs, 20279.
Executive Officer: Mr. Joseph L. Payette,
Public Information Officer: Mr. Robert B.
Redlich, 20359.
Budget & Fiscal Officer: Mr. Joseph F. Na-
poli, 20355.
Personnel Officer: Miss G. Sullivan, 23296
and 20435.
Land Intelligence Officer: Mr. Nicholas Metal,
Civil Administration Division
Chief: Dr. Ernest A. Flotow, 20769.
Education Division
Chief: Mr. Harold H. Grabill, 20421.
Information Control Division
Chief: Mr. Duncan Di. McBryde, 20149.
Public Health & Welfare Division
Chief: Dr. John D. Winebrenner, 20610.
Economics Division
Chief: Mr. Osborne M. Taylor, 20120.
Deputy Chief: Mr. Cecil T. Doll, 20487.
Transport Division
Chief Coordinator: Mr. Robert J. Sieben-
morgen, 20004, 23515.
Finance & Property Control Division
Chief: Mr. William H. Goehring, 20590.
Manpower Division
Chief: Dr. George R. Mursell, 20188.
Denazification Division
Chief: Mr. Joseph F. Napoli, 20355, 23750,
Chief, Public Safety Bianch: Mr. John S. Baber,
Legal Division
Chief: Mr. Robert W. Johnson, 20633.
OMG for Berlin Sector
(Berlin, APO 742-A)
Director: Col. Frank L. Howley, 43139.
Deputy Director: Mr. William T. Babcock,
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Charles 0. Buck-
land, 43163.
US Commandant, Allied Kommandatura Berlin:
Col. Frank L. Howley, 44919.
Chief of Staff: Colonel Peter C. Bullard, 44915.
Asst. Chief of Staff: Lt. Col. Wilbur F. Maring,
Chief, Civil Administration and Political Affairs
Branch: Mr. Louis Glaser, 42938.
Chief, Communications Branch: Mr. H. T. Win-
gate, 42614.
Deputy: Mr. C. R. Ballard, 42616.
Chief, Economics Branch: Mr. A. W. Moran,
Deputy: Mr. D. H. Hair, 43543.
Chief, Food & Agriculture Section: Mr. L. J.
Steck, 43114.
Chief, Industry Section: Mr. H. A. Swanson,
Chief, Requirements & Allocations Section:
Mr. E. W. Kunkel, 43038.
Chief, Trade & Commerce Section: Mr. 0. L.
Sause, 42882.
Chief, Transportation Section: Mr. C. A. Dix,
Chief, Building & Housing Section: Mr. A. B.
Fuller, 42888.
Chief, Education and Religious Affairs Branch:
Mr. John R. Sala, 42837.
Chief, Finance Branch: Mr. J. F. Kilduff, 42787.
Chief, Information Control Branch: Mr. Bruce
Buttles, 44021.
Chief, Berlin Press Review: Mr. R. Simon,
Chief, Public Opinion Survey: Mr. H. Herz,
Chief, Press Section: Mr. B. S. Fielden, 44806.
Chief, Publication Section: Mr. F. Ble-istein,
Chief Film Officer: Mr. C. Winston, 42213.
Chief Radio Office (RIAS): Mr. William F.
Heimlich, 44815.
Chief Theater & Music Officer: Mr. J. Bitter,
Acting Chief, Legal Branch: M. A. A. Birn-
krant, 42916.
Chief, Court Section: Lt. Col. L. A. Swoboda,
Liaison Officers (with mayors) Berlin: Lt. Col.
J. L. Kaiiser, 421466/420051.
Neukoelln: Mr. M. J. Kasprzychki, 5910.
Kreuzberg: Mr. C. J. Melchers, 5836.
Schoeneberg: Mr. C. J. Melchers, 3427.
Steglit: Major J. E. Davisson, 43940.
Tempelhof: Mr. M. J. Kasprzydci, 5266.
Zehlendorf: Major J. E. Davisson, 2203.
Chief, Manpower Branch: (Vacancy), 43364/
Deputy: Mr. G. N. McClusky, 43087.
Chief, Manpower, Allocation Section: Miss E.
R. Hunter, 42051.
Chief, Labor Relations Section: Mr. E. L.
Gardner, 44318.
Chief, Wages & Labor Standards Section: Miss
J. Mayer, 42161.
Chief, Social Insurance Section: Mr. E. L.
Gardner, 44318.
Chlief, Property Control Branch: Mr. J. H.
Nobles, Jr., 42814.
Chief, Public Health Branch: Lt. Col. A. J.
Rapalski, 42764.
Deputy: Dr. Eugene Schwarz, 42738.
Chief, Public Relations, Statistical, and Histor-
Ical Branch: Mr. F. W. Shaw, 43869.
Chief, Public Safety Branch: Mr. Ray Ash.
worth, 43949.
Chief, Fire Section: Mr. John P. M. Schmidt,
43949, Ext. 27.
Chief, Police Section: Mr. C. C. Bond, 43949,
Ext. 24/25.
Chief, Special Branch Section: Mr. U. R. Gress,
43949, Ext. 34.
Chief,  Investigation  Section:  Mr. C. E.
Westrum, 43949, Ext. 38.
Chief, Public Welfare Branch: Mr. W. M.
Froistad, 42663.
Deputy: Mr. H. R. Studd, 42638.
Chief, Public Works and Utilities: Mr. E. C.
Rohrbaugh, 42714.
Deputy Chief of Branch: Major A. G. Skina,
Allied Control Authority
(US Represenatives)
US   representatives  on   the   various
quadripartite bodies of the Allied Control
Authority are as follows:
General Lucius D. Clay.
Maj. General G. P. Hays.
Allied Secretariat
US Secretary: Lt. Col. H. A. Gerhardt.
Deputy US Secretary: Mr. E. 0. Oulashin.
Assistant to US Secretary: Capt. H. S. Beu.
Manpower Directorate
Mr. L. R. Werts.
Secretariat: Miss M. L. Slusher.
Labor Supply Committee: Mr. D. L. Snyder.
Social Insurance Committee: Mr. M. G.
Trade Union and Labor Law Committee: Mr.
J. K. Meskimen.
Wages and Labor Standards Committee: Mr.
E. R. Beckner.
Housing Committee: Mr. H. E. Schi'ller.
Legal Directorate
Mr. A. J. Rockwell, Col. J. M. Raymond,
Mr. S. Kramer.
Secretariat: Mr. E. G. Wiener.
Legislative Drafting Committee: Mr. S. Kra-
Committee on Reform of German Law: Mr. W.
von Rosensteil.
Committe for the Revision of the Criminal
Law: Mr. E. Schopler.
Industrial Property Committee: Major V. L.
CROWCASS, Permanent Commission: Mr. B_
A. Smith.
MARCH 23. 194a

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