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Information bulletin
No. 131 (March 23, 1948)

Streamlining OMGUS,   pp. 5-7 PDF (1.8 MB)

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Bizonal Ordinances
On Food Approved
Two ordinances on the improved
collection and distribution of agri-
cultural products and food stocks
were approved by the Bizonal Econ-
omics Council and the Bipartite Con-
trol Office in Frankfurt.
The first ordinance, on collection
and delivery of agricultural products,
provides  for  individual  delivery
quotas for every agricultural enter-
prise in the Bizonal Area. Deliveries
exceeding the quota are to be reward-
ed with bonuses of special food allo-
cations, money, fodder and seed.
The ordinance also provides for
mandatory deliveries, and confiscation
in cases of violation or failure to meet
the quotas.
Quotas are to be set by the director
of the Bizonal Food Department in
agreement with the Land food mi-
nistries, and are broken up into a
basic and amended quota, the latter
to be set according to weather con-
The second ordinance, the much-
discussed "pantry law," requires reg-
istration of food stocks of all agri-
cultural and food enterprises, canteens,
restaurants and even households. How-
ever, households are required to list
only their flour and potato stocks ex-
ceeding authorized allocations.
Stocks illegally held will be made
available to the general public and no
proceedings will be instituted unless
the person or persons concerned fail
to report truthfully and in time.
Many measures in the interest of
maintaining law and order have been
put into effect in all the Lands in the
US Zone.
A study of alert and riot plans was
made by the rural police headquarters
in Wuerttemberg-Baden. A drive was
put on in Stuttgart to encourage all
uniformed police to obtain a working
knowledge of English.
Three weekly road patrols were
initiated in Hesse by the rural police
to combat black market activities and
smuggling, police officials being as-
I Rockwell Ends 11-Year Service |
Col. John M. Raymond (left) presents a scroll signed by all members of
the Legal Division, OMGUS, to Mr. Alvin Rockwell, who has resigned
as director of the division and legal adviser to the Military Governor.
Col. Raymond has become acting director of the division. (PIO, OMGUS)
Mr. Alvin J. Rockwell has resigned as legal adviser to the Military
Governor, and director of the Legal Division, OMGUS. He intends to
return this month to the United States and private law practice. His
resignation brings to a close 11-year
career in Government service.
Col. John M. Raymond, of Boston,
is acting director of the Legal Division.
Mr. Rockwell came to Berlin in
September, 1945, as chief of the Le-
gal Advice Branch. In June, 1946, he
was appointed acting director of the
Legal Division, and, two months later,
A native of Kalamazoo, Mich., Mr.
Rockwell was graduated from De
Pauw University and Harvard Law
School. After four years of private
practice in Boston, from 1933 to 1937,
he joined the Department of Justice in
In 1943 he was named general
counsel of the National Labor Rela-
tions Board, a position he held until
his departure for Germany in 1945.
He will spend two months in Wash-
ington, D. C., before entering private
practice on the West Coast.
Mr. Rockwell's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John S. Rockwell, live in Kalamazoo.
Journals for Veterinaries
Many current American scientific
journals are being made available to
German veterinaries, veterinary labo-
ratories and veterinary schools, to
help offset the lack of such publi-
cations during the war and to provide
current information.
signed to areas where they were not
A "traffic education" week was
held in Bremen to reduce accidents.
The objective apparently was obtain-
ed, as 50 percent fewer traffic vio-
lations were reported In the next
The Munich police department has
been testing two-way radio commu-
nication in vehicles. In order to com-
bat crime during the night, many large
city departments in Bavaria have used
the administrative police for patrol
duty to reinforce the regular police.
Police in US Zone Test Safety Plans
MARCH 23, 1948

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