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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

MG Key personnel,   pp. 27-[32] PDF (3.9 MB)

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Office of
Commander- in-Chief
(Berlin, APO 742)
Commander-in-chief and Military 'Governor:
General Lucius D. Clay, 42481.
Personal Assistant: Capt. M. C. Allen, 42481.
political Adviser: Ambassador Robert I).
Murphy. 42630.
Special Adviser: Mr. J. Anthony Panuch,
Finance Adviser: Mr. Jack Bennett, 45451.
Special Assistant: Mr. P. L. Devereux, 45207.
Special Adviser   on   Cultural  Affairs:  Dr.
Hermann B. Wells.
Budget and Fiscal Director: Col. J. J.
Dubbelde, Jr., 45405.
Executive Officer: Capt. B. R. Barrett, 45415.
Director of Management Control: Mr. James
L. Sundquist, 42077.
Chief, Management & Reports Branch EUCOM:
Mr. W. H. Schroder, 43794.
Director of Intelligence: Major Gen. R. L.
Walsh, 45372.
Assistant to Director: Lt. Col. J. H. Skinner,
Executive Officer: Major T. J. Grant, 45420.
Inspector General: Maj. Gen. Louis A. Craig,
Executive Officer: Col. Harold R. Booth, 45322.
Director of Civilian Personnel: Mr. Robert M.
Barnett, 44368.
of Military Government
for Germany (US)
(Berlin, APO 742)
Commanding General, OMGUS, and Deputy
Military Governor: Maj. Gen. George P. Hays,
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Mary Alderson,
Assistant to Deputy Military Governor: Brig.
Gen. William Hesketh, 45208.
Office of Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff: Brig. Gen. C. K. Galley, 42634.
Executive Officer: Capt. V. W. Bond, 43529.
Office of Secretary General
Secretary General: Col. H. R. Maddux, 42006.
Associate Secretary General: Lt. Col. Lon H.
Smith, 42300.
Staff Secretary: Mr. James E. King, Jr., 42300.
Executive Secretary: Major James A. McDonald,
US Secretary, Bipartite Secretariat: Major Wal-
ter E. Mather, 42078.
Deputy US Secretary: Major Gordon L. C. Scott,
Assistant Staff Secretary (Economics): Major
Theodore C. Boyden, 43148.
Assistant  Staff  Secretary   (Governmental-
Laenderrat)  Mr. Eric G. Gration, 43380.
Personnel & Administrative Officer: 1st Lt. W.
Thomas, 42131.
Control Office
Control Officer: Mr. James L. Sundquist, 42077,
Assistant Control Officer: Mr. Waldemar Thor.
Asont, 42183.
Assistant Control Officer for Statistical Stand-
ards: Mr. Peter M. Rouzitsky, 42353.
drninistrative Officer: Miss Dorothy A. Krem-
OiaiPint Officer: Mr. Charles E. Sands, 45143.
Ref, Budget and Fiscal Control Branch: Mr.
i. Fiscal Control Section: Mr. Hilmer
A.ef  Bol d r,  42209.
BuPhj B1dget Analysis Section: Mr. Curtis
13 hialJ~ 143942.
13 JANUARY 1948
Chief, Allowances Control Section: Mr. Ver-
non C. Jones, 43560,
Chief, Graphics Branch: Mr. Howard Denby,
Chief, Graphics Unit? Mr. Harold E. Miner,
Assistant Chief, Organization and Program
Branch: Dr. Beryl R. McClaskey, 42057.
Assistant Chief: Mr. Albert G. Sims, 45261.
Assistant Chief: Mr. Gordon P. Freese, 42059.
Chief, Military Government Regulations: Dr.
David G. White, 42218.
Chief, Reports Branch: Dr. Harold G. Carlson,
Deputy Chief: Dr. Charles B. Millican, 43055.
Chief, Historical Section: Mr. Algernon S. B.
Nolting, 43793.
Editor, Informatioh Bulletin: Mr. H. Warner
Waid, 42252.
Chief, Statistics Branch: Mr. Burnham P.
Beckwith, 42382.
Chief, Forms Control Section: Mr. Albert
St. Denis, 42725.
Office of Personnel Officer:
Personnel Officer: Col James T. Duke, 42897.
Executive Officer: Major Reginald J. Rivard,
Chief, Civilian Personnel Branch: Mr. John
E. Tromer, 42085.
Acting Chief, Classification Section: Mr. Wil-
liam J. Richter, 42677.
Chief, Employee Relations Section: Mr. Paul
G. Lutzeier, 44325.
Chief, Employee Training Section: Mr. Lyman
D. Heghin, 43358.
Acting Chief, Recruitment & Placement Sec-
tion: Miss Frances M. Moan, 43688.
Chief, Administrative Branch: Lt. Col. Saul
S. Dorfman, 43471.
Chief Administrative Officer: Capt. Peter A.
Caputo, 42651.
Chief, Regulations & Procedures Section: Miss
Gervaise M. Lemke, 43471.
Chief, Civilian Payroll Section: Mr. John W.
Warner, 42969.
Chief, Civilian Leave Section: Miss Jamie
K. Tom, 43713.
Chief, Reports Section: Capt. Robert V. Clay-
ton, 42679.
Acting Chief,  Status Section:  Miss   Edith
M. Diggs, 43805.
Chief, Suggestions & Awards Section: Mr.
George J. Mayer, 42424.
Chief, Military Personnel Branch: Major
James M. Boyd, 42680.
Chief, Miscellaneous Section: Major James
M. Boyd, 43406.
Chief, Assignment Section: Capt. Erwin M.
Shaffer, 42951.
Chief, Rotations, Redeployment Section: Capt.
John J. Carrollo, 44471.
Chief, Indigenous Personnel Branch: Major
Henry W. Cornell, 42768.
Office of the Adjutant General
Adjutant General: Lt. Col. George H. Garde,
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Frederick A. Sturm,
Personnel Officer: Miss Louise Doss, 43870.
Chief, Miscellaneous Branch: Capt. Clifford
J. Storlie, 42302
Assistent Chief: CWO Frank. D. Spannraft,
Chief, Military Personnel Branch: Major Ros-
coe L, Bates, 43022.
Assistant Chief: Capt. Harry Ross, 42298.
Chief, Reference Library: Mr. Henry A. Dun.
lap. 44083.
Chief, Travel Branch: Major John B. Mallon,
Chief, Orders Section: Capt. Robert Hancock,
Chief, Combined Travel Board: Mr. Jean J.
Chenard, 42214.
Chief, Entry Section: Mr. Stephen E. Krasa,
Chief, Exit Section, Mr. Harold A. Sarle,
Chief, Publications Branch: 1st Lt. Monroe
M. Richardson, 43508.
Chief, Printing Plant: Mr. Marshall H. Bruce,
Chief, Lithograph Plant: Mr. Joseph F. Ges-
monde, 42582.
Chief, Records Branch: Capt. Robert E. Reed,
Chief, Cable Control Branch: Mr. Henry F.
Roemmele, 42250.
Cable Monitor (night shift): Mr. Lt. Martin
S. Bowe, 42320.
Chief, Message Control Branch: Capt. Homer
C. Kelso, 43761.
Office of Inspector General
Inspector General: Col. Walter E. Jenkins,
Audit Office
Chief: M. C. Mclntosh, 45256.
Deputy Chief: Walter P. Hooper, 45332.
Office of Director of Intelligence
Director: Col. Peter P. Rodes, 43851.
Deputy Director & Chief, Analysis & Research
Branch: Mr. Lawrence E. de Neufville, 43928.
Chief, Security Branch: Mr. Laughlin A. Camp-
bell, 43903.
Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Edwin P. Cushman,
Chief, Administration Branch: WOJG Robert
Baker, 43875.
Intelligence Analyst (Legal & Denazification):
Mr. Innis D. Harris, 43012.
Intelligence Analyst (Sociological): Mr. John
T. Butterwick, 43905.
Intelligence Analyst (Political): Mr. Hans A.
Kallmann, 43930.
Intelligence Analyst (Economical): Mr. An-
thony Geber, 45327.
Assistant: Mr. George Olszewski, 43671.
Intelligence Analyst (Sociological): Mr. Ed-
ward J. Arndt, 43905.
Intelligence  Analyst  (Security):  Lt.  Col.
Arthur P. Murphy, 43012.
Intelligence Analyst (Sociological): Miss Ann
Goodwin, 43905.
Intelligence Analyst (Political): Miss Maryann
B. Shelley, 43880.
Office of the Director of Political
Director: Mr. James W. Riddleberger, 42129.
Acting Executive Officer: Mr. William Bruce
Locking, 42701.
Personnel Officer: Miss Lucy A. Shults, 43034.
Chief: Political Branch: Mr. Warren M. Chase,
Acting Chief, Economic Branch: Mr. Wesley
C. Haraldson, 43182.
This list of key personnel in
Military Government in Germany
was compiled by the Infor-
mation Bulletin staff from the
latest available information and
by check with the offices and
divisions concerned. The tele-
phone number after each name is
that of the exchange in the city
in which the unit is located.
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