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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

Review of 1947,   pp. [3]-[24] PDF (15.2 MB)

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EDUCATION-First German student
to go to the United States to study on
a scholarship, Miss Benigna Goerdeler,
18 years, of Stuttgart, daughter of the
Nazi-executed  mayor  of  Leipzig,
leaves by plane for New York.
moving debris, before being admitted
to the institution . . . In Bremen,
parents of pupils in the damaged ele-
mentary school assumed the respons-
ibility of repairing the school building.
A new directive was issued by the
State, War, and Navy Departmentsin
Washington to the Military Governor,
setting forth the US policy in Ger-
many. This replaced the JCS 1067/6
of the SHAEF period. (See WIB
Issue No. 102.)
The last of the 12,000 German re-
fugees from Denmark were received
in the US Zone, thus completing the
agreement between the US and Danish
Arrivals of gasoline and diesel fuel
in the bizonal area permitted during
July the repayment of 5,000 of the
7,124 metric tons of gasoline and all
the 15,652 metric tons of diesel fuel
lent by the US Army to the US Mili-
tary Government to supply the Ger-
man civilian economy earlier in the
The index of industrial production
was revised in accordance with new
and better information with respect
to the output of some items included
in the index during the 1936 base
period. The estimates of the base
period production used previously
proved to be too high in many cases.
Under the revised basis the new in-
dex of 49 percent for May and June
compared with 46 percent for May on
the old basis.
Illegal crossings of the Hessian
zonal border decreased considerably
following the reinforcement of the
border guards with 50 border and
50 rural police for an indefinite period.
Arrests in Bavaria for illegal entry
and rejections for attempted entry
continued to be far in excess of ar-
rests for illegal departure.
The US Military Government order-
ed a 25 percent reduction in the case-
load of MG courts by Nov. 1. Declar-
ing that "an overwhelming burden"
had been placed on court personnel,
Military Government authorized the
transfer of certain categories of cases,
such as minor thefts and failure to
have proper identification, to German
courts, and ordered that insignificant
violations should not be prosecuted,
or charges without clearly sufficient
proof to obtain conviction be dis-
The first suit in the US Zone to be
filed with a MG court under ACA
Law No. 22 on Works Councils wa
brought by the Metal Union againi
an employer in Goeppingen, Wueri
temberg-Baden, for alleged intei
ference in a works council election
and discharge of an employee ft
works council activity. An agreemet
settling the controversy provided fo
the reinstatement of the employee a
full pay and without loss of bat
wages, and for a new works counc
election within 30 days.
The Laenderrat Directorate approi
ed RM 50,000 for financing th
Zonal Tracing Bureau in Munich t
the end of March 1948.
Following disagreement between th
Christian Democratic Union and th
Social Democratic Party, all five exe4
utive directors of the bizonal ager
cies were filled by appointees of th
CDU-CSU right-wing majority of th
Bizonal Economic Council. The SP]
tok the line of "positive, constructiv
In view of the serious increase k
the volume of business transactioa
consummated on compensation q
barter basis, particularly by factori
requiring raw materials or parts
extremely short supply for completi
of their products, the Military Go
ernments of the US-UK Zones agr
on July 23 that illegal "compen
tion" transactions should be p
DISCOVERY-Cache of Nazi recc
found in an aid raid shelter in Pra
furt in October.
(Occupation Chronicle, Frank

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