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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

Review of 1947,   pp. [3]-[24] PDF (15.2 MB)

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INTERVIEW-Secretary of State Mar-
shall meets press in Berlin on way
home from Conference of Foreign
Ministers in Moscow.    (PIO OMGUS)
was signed by the Control Council
March 10. This law confined the
activities of German insurance com-
panies exclusively to German terri-
In order to bring the elementary
schools of Wuerttemberg into closer
contact with the problems of the
pupils, parent counsellors were in-
cluded in the local advisory com-
mittee of each school. Formerly these
committees included only teachers,
mayors, church representatives, and
school physicians.
A shipment of 138.6 pounds of gold
from the United States arrived at
Bremerhaven to be used for gold
glazing in the china export program.
This was the first shipment of Ameri-
can raw materials to reach the US
Zone under the terms of a $7,750,000
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
The Parliamentary Advisory Coun-
cil was formed by the Laenderrat as
a step in the German assumption of
governmental   reponsibility.  (See
WIB Issue No. 98.)
The Executive Council of Rectors,
representing ail higher educational
institutions in the US Zone, decided
at a meeting March 14 in Heidelberg,
that the general examinations of all
students should be instituted at the
end of the first year with the aim of
eliminating incapable students; schol-
arships should be provided for worthy
students; a thorough reform of the
curriculum of the schools of medicine
was needed; and more courses should
be offered in certain social sciences.
Lt. Gen. Lucius D. Clay succeeded
General Joseph T. McNarney on
March 15, and under the reorganiza-
tion of the structure of the US occu-
pational forces in Germany, became
Commander-in-Chief of the European
Command and Military Governor. The
new Military Governor was elevated
to the rank of general. (See WIB
Issue No. 85.)
The German border police took
over complete control of the borders
of the US Zone on March 15.
A second shipment of several truck-
loads of athletic equipment was
turned over to the Bremen youth
commissioner for use by the Bremen
and Wesermuende youth groups.
The first shipment of reparations
equipment to the United States was
German children leaving Frankfurt for
three-month  recuperative  visit In
Switzerland.             (DENA-Bild) I
A discussion period led by the
teacher followed each exhibition.
Sponsored by the Hesse Trade Unior
Federation, a convention of trade
union women of the US Zone wai
held March 30 in Frankfurt with
approximately 130 delegates attend,
ing. Among matters discussed were
ways of stimulating the interest o1
women workers in the trade union
The elections of members of the
executive committee of the Free
German Trade Union Federation 0!
Berlin were completed March 30. Thq
slate of 27 candidates presented bi
the Communist-dominated executiVn
board was elected by a large vota
The opposition, composed largely o~
LABOR-Reopening of the Acadenmy
of Labor in Frankfurt.  (DENA-BildI

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