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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 118 (November 1947)

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reply received to a request for an
explanation of remarks made by an
official of the Soviet Military Ad-
ministration before a German political
gathering. They gave a new policy
guidance to all American occupation
personnel1 as the Military Governor
said, "I do expect every represent-
ative of America over here to
express his views on communism and
what it leads to."
The principal thesis underlying the
program of implementing this policy
is that the US Government, by the
very nature of its constitution and
tradition, insists that a system of
democracy guarantees the rights and
the dignity of the individual and as-
sures him freedom of speech, and of
thought, among other liberties.
No such guarantees or protection
for the individual human being are
possible under the communistic system
or any other system which relies
upon a police state, or any other or-
ganization, in uniform or out of uni-
form, to assure absolute obedience to
the government or any political party
controlling the government of the
nation, great or small.
The new program is being devel-
oped in OMGUS by the director of
the Information Control Division, who
is assisted by an advisory committee,
including the directors of the Econom-
ics Division, Civil Administration
Division, Manpower Division, the
Office of Intelligence, and possibly
RIAS, the Racdo in the American Sector of Berlin, has a listening area of
least 186 miles (300 kilometers) around Berlin, including most of the Soviet
Zone. This is illustrated by the map prepared by Information Control Division,
OMGUS, of the communities from which communications have been received
remarking on its programs, especially since the station's power had been
increased to 20 kilowatts. The heavy flow of listeners' mail commented on
the quality and objectivity of its news and feature programs.
concerning      this program  are
made in OMGUS headquarters, a
great deal of implementation will
devolve upon MG authorities in the
four Laender and the US Sector of
Berlin. Advisory committees patterned
after that in OMGUS will be set up in
the Laender.
The primary operational activities
are being undertaken by MG official
German-language media, including Die
Neue Zeitung, the semi-weekly news-
paper with a zone-wide circulation;
the three magazines, Heute, Amerika-
nische Rundschau, and Neue Auslese;
the US-controlled radio stations in
Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, and Bre-
men, an RIAS in Berlin; and the MG-
directed film operations, principally
the documentary section. The US In-
formation Centers will continue as
headquarters for factual, pictorial, and
reference material about the United
States, its government, people, in-
stitutions, and the American way of
In accordance with the policy laid
down by the Military Governor, the
licensed German press in the US-occu-
pied areas, represented by 48 German-
language newspapers, will be under
no pressure from Military Government
to participate in this program. How-
ever, if it sees fit to draw contrasts
between the democratic and the com-
munistic systems, it may do so pro-
vided it keeps strictly within the
limits of Allied Control Authority
Directive No. 40 and Information Con-
trol Regulation No. 3.
This freedom of the press was em-
phasized by the Military Governor at
his press conference when he said:
"It is up to the German press as to
how they want to carry on . . . The
German press can or cannot carry that
issue as they elect. The German press
in our zone is under no pressure to
carry on any kind of campaign, and
will be under no pressure."
S TO THE METHOD of making
A    clear the advantages of our dem-
ocratic way of life, he said, "We
will have to make our explanations
in our radio talks and announcements
and in appearances of American per-
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10 NOVEMBER 1947

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