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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 101 (July 1947)

MGR title I (third installment),   pp. 11-12 PDF (1.2 MB)

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corporated as revisions of MG Regu-
lations (see MGR 1-417).
A N Allied Secretariat, composed of
the four national secretaries, is
responsible for the agenda and min-
utes of the Control Council and the
Coordinating Committee, translation of
papers, issuance of decisions of the
Control Council and the Coordinating
Committee, and official contacts with
foreign military missions accredited to
the Control Council. It acts as the
channel of communication of the Con-
trol Council and Coordinating Com-
mittee in all matters presented by the
Control Staff and other agencies.
Ten quadripartite directorates, re-
ferred to collectively as the Control
Staff Directorates, serve under the
Coordinating Committee as functional
specialists, preparing laws, directives,
etc. Chairmanship in the Coordinating
Committee, the Directorates, and in
the Secretariat rotates in accordance
with the nationality of the chairman
of the Control Council for the period
of one calendar month.
The Control Council has estab-
lished an Administrative Bureau,
composed of a representative of each
of the occupying powers, to provide
the ACA with the necessary security
guard and with services for the proper
offices. This Bureau is headed and
organized by the US element and
functions directly under the US Sec-
retary, ACA.
The Inter-Allied administration of
the Greater Berlin Area is the respon-
sibility of the Allied Kommandatura
Berlin. It is immediately subordinate
in the chain of command to ACA.
The basic agreement providing for
quadripartite  government  in  the
Greater Berlin area is contained in
Article 7 of the European Advisory
Commission Agreement on Control
Machinery in Germany, 14 November
1944, amended 1 May 1945. A re-
statement of this policy was made on
5 June 1945 (see MGR 23-55). There
are three successively higher levels
of command at the Allied Kommanda-
tura Berlin. Chairmanship at each
level of the Kommandatura rotates
monthly in accordance with the na-
tionality of the Commandant of the
Allied Kommandatura who serves as
chairman during- a particular calendar
The Assistant to the Deputy Mili-
tary Governor represents the US
Government as US Commandant of
the Kommandatura.   The Director,
OMG Berlin Sector, is the US Deputy
Commandant. OMG Berlin Sector is
directly responsible to OMGUS and
is governed by the policies of OMGUS
to the extent that they do not con-
flict with Kommandatura rulings.
Implementing instructions on qua-
dripartite policies contained in ACA
laws, directives, orders, proclamations,
and other policy papers are prepared
by the appropriate division/office of
OMGUS and transmitted to the field
offices, making clear the manner in
which these policies will be executed
in the US Zone.
Section  C  covers' OMGUS   and
OMGs. OMGUS is the US organiza-
tion which provides the US Element
in the ACA and in the Bipartite or-
ganization and has over-all MG re-
sponsibilities for the US Zone (as de-
fined in MGR 1-107.1c), as well as
the US Sector of Berlin (as defined in
MGR 1-430.5).
Commander-in-Chief, European Com-
mand (CINCEUR) commands all
US troops in the European Command.
He is Military Governor of the US
Zone, Germany, and the representative
of the United States on the Control
Council (MGR 1-411) and the Bipar-
tite Board (MGR 1-510.2). In the
absence of CINCEUR the Deputy Com-
mander-in-Chief, EUCOM, acts as
Commander-in-Chief and as Military
OMGUS serves as the primary staff
of CINCEUR for MG in Germany. For
negotiations in ACA, or anything of
a purely MG nature, CINCEUR acts
through OMGUS. (For functions of
Office of Director of Civil Affairs,
EUCOM, formerly G-5, USFET, see
MGR 1-426.)
T HE Deputy Military Governor is
the Commanding General, OMG-
US. Under the direction of the Mil-
itary Governor he exercises full con-
trol over OMGUS, RGCO, the OMGs
for Bavaria, Hesse, Bremen, and
Wuerttemberg-Baden, Berlin Sector,
Berlin Command, OMGUS (Rear),
Office of the Chief Counsel for War
Crimes and Military Tribunals. He is
also the US member of the Coor-
dinating Committee (see MGR 1-421).
The Assistant to the Deputy Mili-
tary Governor is the US member of
the Allied Kommandatura Berlin (see
MGR 1-416.1).
OMGUS provides the US Element
for the ACA and for the Bipartite or-
ganization. OMGUS is organized into
staff and executive offices and func-
tional divisions to cover the extensive
and diverse responsibilities of MG.
More detailed statements of individual
functions and functional relationships
of OMGUS appear in appropriate
Various units of OMGUS offices
and divisions are located in Frank-
furt area and are attached to the
OMGUS (Rear) Echelon executive
office for administration. The Chief
is responsible directly to the Chief of
Staff, OMGUS. He is charged with
making necessary travel arrangements
for OMGUS personnel, and administra-
tive coordination with Office of Di-
iector of Civil Affairs and Headquart-
ers Command, EUCOM.
ON 1 March 1946, the State Depart-
ment reopened four consular offi-
ces in' Germany-Berlin, Frankfurt,
Hamburg, and Stuttgart; on 1 April
1946 offices were opened at Bremen
and Munich. Consulates in Germany
today are accredited to the Allied Mil-
itary Government occupying the terri-
Effective 15 March 1947 the Office
of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-5,
primarily responsible for maintaining
liaison with OMGUS and for troop
coordination in the field with MG
agencies, was redesignated as the
Office of Director of Civil Affairs,
EUCOM. Where MG policies and in-
structions are related to the respon-
sibilities of other elements of the
EUCOM staff, these must be coor-
dinated through Director of Civil
Affairs, EUCOM, before being issued
by OMGUS. OMGUS prepares and
transmits to Director of Civil Affairs,
EUCOM, functional reports on major
developments in MG.
Supervision of Land OMG's by
OMGUS is generally through command
rather than functional channels, each
Land Director being responsible for all
MG   activities  within  his  area.
Command channels between functional
divisions of OMGUS and divisions of
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14 JULY 1947

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