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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 101 (July 1947)

MGR title I (third installment),   pp. 11-12 PDF (1.2 MB)

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Tllrd Installment
PART 4 deals with -the "Functional
Organization of Military Govern-
ment" and. in Section A, relates in de-
tail the responsibilities of War and
State Departments. The State Depart-
ment formulates governmental policy
with regard to US participation in
the occupation and government of
occupied areas, and the War Depart-
ment executes and administers that
policy. For proper coordination of
policy the State Department has coop-
erated with the War Department in
the establishment in Washington of
the  State-War-Navy  Coordination
Committee (hereafter referred to as
SWNCC) under chairmanship of the
State Department.
SWNCC is responsible for the co-
ordination of US policy with respect
to the government of occupied areas
and for its communication through
appropriate channels to US represen-
tatives in the field. It discharges its
responsibilites for coordination of
US policy through the Directorate of
Occupied Areas. The Directorate is
headed by an official of the State De-
partment and performs the following
a. Coordinates and expedites the
work of the State, War and Navy De-
partments and, where appropriate,
consults with other interested Depart-
ments and Agencies in order to de-
velop US policy for such occupied
b. Receives communications from
the field involving policy matters and.
transmits US policy through appro-
priate military channels for imple-
c. Creates such temporary. or per-
manent subcommittees of SWNCC to
facilitate the development of US poli-
cy in occupied areas.
THE Chief, Civil Affairs Division,
lWar Department Special Staff,
formulates policy, prepares plans, and
takes action in coordination with
other War Department agencies, other
agencies of the Government, and in-
ternational or voluntary relief and
welfare agencies on civil affairs/MG
matters, including war crimes. He in-
sures that the Secretary of War, the.
Chief of Staff, and interested staff
divisions are properly advised on civil
affairs/MG matters.
The basic policy documents govern-
ing the machinery of the Allied
Control Authority for Germany is the
agreement set forth by the European
Advisory Commission, 14 November
1944, as amended 1 May 1945. This
basic policy was agreed to by the
United States of America, the United
Kingdam, the USSR and France (see
MGR 23-55, MGR 23-56 and MGR
23-57 all published 5 June 1945).
Supreme authority in Germany is.
exercised, on instructions from their
respective governments, by the sev-
eral Commanders-in-Chief of the
Armed Forces of the United States, the
United Kingdom, the USSR and France,
each in his own zone of occupation,
and also jointly, in matters affecting
Germany as a whole in their capacity
as members of the Control CounciL
Action taken by the Control Council
affecting Military Government In the
US Zone -is published in these Regula-
tions (Parts 1 and 2, Title 23, MGR).
The Coordinating Committee is com-
posed of the Deputy Military Govern-
ors of the four zones of occupation
acting as the representatives of each
of the Commanders-in-Chief. Actions
affecting Military Government in the
US Zone are implemented by direc-
tives to the field and, where continuing
effect on MG administration, are in-
14 JULY 1947
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