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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 99 (June 1947)

German reactions,   pp. 19-[20] PDF (1.2 MB)

Official instructions,   pp. [20]-[21] PDF (1.0 MB)

Page [20]

Unity Plan Endorsed
Telegraf, British-licensed newspaper
in Berlin, printed an editorial favorable
,to Secretary Marshall's endorsement
of a European Federation.
The Telegraf pointed out that the
reserved attitude shown by the United
States in various post-war conferences
has not done much to bring about
agreement among the big powers.
Since this has become plain, the Pres-
ident and Secretary of State have
now begun a new stage which will
be characterized by increased initia-
tive on the part bf the United States
in order to make up for lost time,
the, paper stated, noting as part of
the new impetus the suggestion made
by the United States to call together
a conference to discuss a European
The fact that this move is not
directed against the Soviet Union Is
shown by the desire of the United
States to have the USSR participate
in the conference, said the paper, ob-
serving that the Marshall program
does not intend to exclude Russia,
though it is desired that Russia give
up her one-sided economic policy in
eastern Europe,.
Noting that various circles will
accuse the United States of im-
perialism, the paper declared:
"These circles would rather have
one continue the extreme nationalism
of the European splinter states in
order to be able to continue their
political business. One would rather
have America's economic assistance
lost in European chaos 'so that all
those conditions could continue which
render any future help 'ineffective.'
Corporal Punishment
The Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich)
expressed the belief that the quarrel
about corporal punishment in the Ba-
varian schools should not have been
made a subject of a poll. It said:
"While the young democracy is
still in a developing stage and every-
thing should be done in order to use
Its freedom reasonably, the Bavarian
Educational Minister  demonstrates
what this freedom is good for, viz:
to have people vote whether children
at least may be subject to physical
punishment when adults are no longer
allowed to be subject to it."
Change 2 to Title 11, Industry, AG
014.12, OMGUS, 11 April 1947. Super-
sedes previous Title 11 and Change 1.
Text of new title issued same date.
Press Conferences, Staff Memoran-
dum No. 43, Hq EUCOM, 22 May
1947. Replaces USFET Staff Memo-
randum No. 36, 22 April 1946 as to
scope and authority.
Assignment of Military Posts and
Installations  for   Quartermaster
Supply, AG    600  CQM-AGO, Hq
EUCOM, 3     June  1947. Lists key
supply points.
Personnel and Supply Movement
Estimate for July 1947, AG 370.5 RYT-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 5 June 1947.
European Command Technical Ser-
vice Organization, AG 322. GSP-AGO,
Hq EUCOM, 5 June 1947. Amends
EUCOM letter of 5 April 1947.
Report on Unemployment Insur-
ance, Manpower Memorandum No. 83,
OMGUS, 10 June 1947.
Circular No. 42, Hq EUCOM,
11 June 1947. Section I-Leaves,
Passes and Travel, amends EUCOM
Cir 9 of 1947. Section II-Gas Masks,
Replaces Sec II, USFET Cir. 153 of
1946. Section III-Currency Conver-
sion, amends USFET Cir 19 of 1947.'
Press Contact Officers, Staff Memo-
randum No. 46, Hq EUCOM, 11 June'
1947. Supersedes USFET Memoranda,
AG 000.7 SGS-AGO "Improving Me-
thods of Facilitating Efforts of Accre-
dited Correspondents to Obtain News
Promptly and Accurately," of 12 No-
vember 1945 and 29 January 1946.
Circular No. 43, Hq EUCOM,
12 June 1947. Section I-Foreign Mi-
litary and Civilian Liaison Person-
nel, amends previous USFET circu-
lars on same subject. Section II-
Rotation of Military Personnel to the
US, replaces previous Hq USFET and
EUCOM circulars on same subject.
Troops   and   Schools,  Training
Memorandum No. 1, Changes No. 1,
Hq EUCOM? 13 June 1947. Revises
cettain  paragraphs   of  Training
Memo 1 of 6 May 1947.
OMGUS     Directives  Concerning
Manpower, Manpower Memorandum
No. 82, OMGUS, 14 June 1947. Lists
.of directives affecting Manpower, is-
sued since 19 December 1946.
Disposition of Records, AG 313.6
(AG), OMGUS, 16 June 1947. Give
procedure for submitting report as re-
quired by EUCOM letter, AG 313.6
AGO-R of 15 April 1947.
Implementation of Control Council
Directive No. 52 Relative to Combat-
ting Veneral Disease, AG 010.6 (IA),
OMGUS, 16 June 1947.
Conference for Discussion of Docu-
ments Relating to Organization,, AG
322 (CO), OMGUS, 17 June 1947. Con-
cerns documents previously circulated
for comment and revision.
Implementation of Control Council
Law No. 53, Amendment to the In-
surance Tax Law of 9 July 1937,. AG
010.6 (FD), OMGUS, 18 June 1947.
Office Hours, Staff Memorandum
No. 29, OMGUS, 18 June 1947.
Amends Staff Memorandum No. 20,
OMGUS, 16 April. 1947 as to Duty
Collection of Classified Waste,
Staff Memorandum No. 30, OMGUS,
19 June 1947.
Internees Documents
In cases involving persons released
for trial in their home communities,
an OMGUS cable of 12 June gave
instructions for the Minister for Po-
litical Liberation that-the public pro-
secutor of the internment enclosure
must notify the public prosecutor of,
the home community and forward the
internees Meldebogen and investiga-t
tion file to him for appropriate action
before the local trial tribunal.
Such documents should not be
turned over to the internee for delivery
to the public prosecutor of the home
community, the cable said. If any
internees have already been released
without notification to the public pro-
secutors of the home communities,
'see to it that the files are forwarded
Copies of Official Instructions
listed in the Weekly Information
Bulletin may be obtained by
writing directly to the originating
I . headquarters.

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