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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 99 (June 1947)

MGR title 1 (first installment),   pp. 8-11 PDF (2.5 MB)

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cluded in"'directives' or orders approv-
.ed by the Control Office, or the Of-.
fice of the Chief of Staff, OMGUS, or
any higher authority.
In unusual emergencies only, com-
petent divisions and offices may issue
temporary instructions to the 'field
directly, by signal or telephone. The
Control Office is notified of such ac-
tions. Instructions as issued, if of con-
tinuing effect, aie to be incorporated
in the MGR's.
The divisions and offices of OMGUS
responsible for a specific Title prepare
the newltext or make necessary chang-
es by amending the current text,
and are to -obtain all, necessary con-
currences. When the preparing division
considers it necessary, amendments to
MGR's which have been processed by
the Control Office, may be given ad-
vanced distribution in temporary form
through technical channels.
C URRENT MGR's supersede all out-
^_ standing directives and instruc-
tions of a general character relating to
Military Government as issued by any
headquarters. Insofar as instructions
issued with respect to specific cases
may be inconsistent, such instructions
are to that extent modified. However,
informational material an'd technical
data contained in these documents,
not embodying instructions are not
necessarily superseded and may be
used unless specifically superseded
or rescinded. Such informational ma-
terial and technical data may be
amended and supplemented by tech-
nical bulletins or other appropriate
publications, provided, however, that
such publications do not include or-
ders and instructions.
The paragraph on definitions and
abbreviations gives those adopted for
the purpose of the MGR's. The US
Zone is defined as being composed of
the four Laender: Bavaria, Bremen,
Heese, and Wuerttemberg-Baden. The
US Area of Control is the total area
in Germany under US occupational
forces, including the four Laender and
the US Sector of Berlin. Legislation
and other formal documents are to
show clearly whether Land Bremen is
intended to' be included or not.
Military Districts are the major area
command' into which the US Zone, ex-
clusive of Land Bremen, is divided for
logistic support and. control of admin-
istrative services. Military Posts- are
the several command into which the
Military Districts and other areas of
US Area of Control are divided, and
which constitute their basic supply
areas. The Military Districts Com-
mander is the Commanding General of
a Military District.
pART 5, Section C, dealing with Mil-
itary Districts and Posts, direct
that "Except with respect to admini-
stration of US and Allied personnel
for which authority shall continue to
be vested in OMGUS, District Com-
manders are responsible for complete
administrative and logistical support
of MG activities. District Commanders
have been directed to establish afid
maintain liaison with, and to support,
Land OMG Directors and coordinate
with them any matters affecting Land
Military Government or the German
Specific dutis related to MG func-
tions and assigned to District Com-
manders, include:
1. United Nations displaced persons
and civil internee relationships.
2. Responsibilities with respect to
enemy and ex-enemy persons.
3. Supervision of demilitarization of,
and  responsibility for security  of
captured enemy material in installa-
tions turned over to Military Govern-
ment and, the certifying statement
that demilitarization has been com-
4. Complete administrative and lo-
gistical support of XMG activities in-
cluding full responsibility for provid-
ing all living and working essentials.'
5. Transactions which involve the
acquisition and utilization of real
estate, with coodination as necessary
with Military -Government to insure
that no unnecessary real estate is
acquired or held.
6. Coordination with Military Gov-
ernment on requests for procurement
by posts, organizations, and indivi-
duals assigned to district headquart-
7. Exercise of general courts-martial
jurisdiction over all personnel within
the commands.
* 8. Coordination with Military Gov-
ernment of all facilities occupied or
used by MG personnel and activities,
9. Maintenance of direct liaison with
Land post, telephone, and telegraph
officiers of Military Government and
the Deutche Post on use of indi-
genous communications facilities.
10. Close cooperation between
District Commanders and Counter In-
telligence Corps.
SECTION C 'also provides that, the
MilitaryPost supports as lodgers,'
organizations  such   as  Military
Government or other US Army-sup-
ported agencies attached to the post.:
including official accredited Allied
military missions, troop and liaison
detachments, and their dependents
supported on US Military posts.
The  second  installment of this
series detailing the provisions of
MGR   Title 1 will concern Title's.
Part 3, "Objectives and Principles of'
Military Government." 'It will be-,
published in next week's issue of the-.
Weekly Ilnformation Bulletin.
Bans Letters for DP's
American personnel in Germany
has been advised by Hq EUCOM to
refrain from writing letters in behalf
of displaced persons Seeking emigra-
tion to Great Britain. A EUCOM cable
of 19 June advised:
It is reported that some displaced
persons have arrived in the British
Zone from the US Zone with hopes of
being selected by British Ministry of
Labor Teams for resettlement. Al-
though these persons are not author-
ized entry into -the British Zone for
the purpose of resettlement, they
often carry letters from  local US
authorities asking that they be given
every assistance in their emigration
to Great Britain.
Issuance of such letters is not in
accordance with established policy.
All personnel are being instructed to
refrain from preparing letters of this
type. They will also be directed to
refer all questions dealing with emi-
gration, to local representatives of
the Intergovernmental Committee on
Refugees, or its successor agency.
30 JUNE 1947

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