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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 99 (June 1947)

MGR title 1 (first installment),   pp. 8-11 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 8

First Installment
is clothed with supreme legisla
executive, -and  judicial auth
within the US Zone.
C   HANGE I to MGR Title 1 i
stitutes a major revision of
Title and supersedes the old tex
its entirety. Change I became el
tive 25 April 1947 and was proi
gated as an advanced notice ui
OMGUS, letter AG 010.6 (CO)
28 April 1947.
The new Title 1 is composed of
parts: Part 1, Introduction; Part
Military  Government    Authoi
Part 3, Objectives and Principles
Military Government; Part 4, Fi
tional Organization of OMGUS
Relation to US Federal Structu
Part 5, Relationship of Milil
Government and German Gov
ment; Part 6, Channels for Milil
To give a complete account
this revised basis for MG activi
in Germany, four installments
be presented by the Weekly lnfoi
tion Bulletin. This article presen,
resume of the provisions of Part
2, 6, and Section C of Part 5 dea
with Military Posts and Distr
Succeeding articles will deal inc
dually in more detail with Parts
and the balance of Part 5.
SIGNIFICANT and important chang-
es, introduced in the past year
in the basic principles and concepts.
of US Military Government ad-
ministration in Germany and the
manner in which US objectives are
to be achieved, are consolidated in
the recent revision of Title 1, "Gen-
eral Provisions," of the Military
Government Regulations.
The MGR's "prescribe the policies,
functional relationships, and proce-
dures for the Military Government of
Germany (US) and set forth home-
field office relationships; relationships
between US Military Government and
German administration; between US
Military Government and the Control
Commission for Germany (British Ele-
ment) so far as the US Bipartite
Agreement is concerned; and   all
other multipartite agreements affect-
ing the US Zone of Germany or the
relation of the US Mission to it."
Military Government in Germany
is based on the unconditional surren-
der and total defeat of Germany. The
Allied Control Council possesses para-
mount authority throughout Germany
on matters affecting Germany as a
whole. Subject to the exercise 'by
the Control Council of authority on
matters within its jurisdiction, and to
the decisions of the Bipartite Board,
the Commander-in-Chief, European
Command, by virtue of his position,
PART 1 points out that the MG]
in covering all phases of MiWA
Government and setting forth 1
official policies, functional respoi
bilities and organizational relati.
ships at every level of operation,
issued for compliance by all
military  and   civilian  person,
concerned. No changes are to
made in these policies, functio;
responsibilities, or organizational
lationships  without  correspond;
amendments of the Regulations.
The MGR's do not cover matt
which pertain to the commafdt a
administration of US Forces, Europe
Command excepting MG personx
and do not cover matters primal
of military, air, or naval inter
such as prisoners of war, militi
intelligence, demobilization, and d
position  of Germany's armame
aviation, fleet, and ocean shippi
These regulations, likewise, do
have the force of law with resp
Geneval ?104110n

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