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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 98 (June 1947)

CARE aid enlarged in Hesse,   p. 6 PDF (676.6 KB)

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CAR-E Aid Enlarged in Hesse
SPEAKING before a conference of
executives for the CARE program
recently in Wiesbaden, Dr. James
R. Newman, Director of the Office of
Military Government for Hesse, ex-
plained details of a project, sponsored
by Hesse MG personnel, designed to
increase the flow of CARE packages
into the pantries of needy Hessian DP
and German families.
Dr. Newman outlined particulars of
the plan, under which complete case
histories of deserving destitute Hessian
families will be supplied CARE's New
York office. Thus any American family
or individual desiring to "adopt" a
German family will be able to make a
selection based upon personal con-
sideration of full factual data.
In addition, benefit dances and other
fund-raising parties will be held in
the Hesse MG Club, the proceeds of
which will be used to purchase CARE
packages for distribution within the
In announcing the project, Dr. New-
man praised the CARE and CRALOG
campaigns, stating that "millions of
Germans would have starved if it
were not for the generous help given
through American charities." Trans-
lating the current Hessian weekly
meat ration of 250 grams into an
American equivalent, Dr. Newman
compared it to the size of a "five cent
hamburger bought at any US roadside
stand before the war."
German children are going bare-
footed, the MG director went on, not
because they want to, but because
"they just do not have shoes."
"I am confident," Dr. Newman said,
"that the Germans of Hesse are doing
all they can to produce the maximum
their land is able to yield, and there-
fore we can now fairly ask the citizens
of America to help all they can. I would
not believe it right, however, to ask
our people to send food unless the
maximum effort is being made by the
Hessians in their own behalf."
"When an American buys a CARE
package, he is making a real, vital
contribution to the cause of Military
Government. I believe the individual
purchasing of a package by an Ameri-
can for an individual Hessian family
is the best basis. It will encourage
correspondence between an Amexican
and Hessian family and, eventually,
a better understanding of mutual pro-
blems and ideas. It will lead to a firm
foundation for the democracy we are
striving so hard to build here in Hesse."
TAM aware," Dr. Newman continued,
'that the destitution here is no greater
than it is in many of the Allied coun-
tries we liberated, but here in Hesse,
in addition to our immediate humane
problem of feeding the hungry and
clothing the naked, we have the
additional burden of teaching our way
of life."
Paul C. French, executive director
of CARE, disclosed that "CARE has
during the past year distributed more
than 1,200,000 packages to the Ameri-
can, British, and French Zones and to
all of the Berlin sectors. Our orders
in the United States are increasing
daily and we of CARE are doing all
in our power to make known to the
American people the desperate needs
of war-affected peoples, not only in
Germany, but in 14 other European
countries. I have seen these needs
both now and particularly for the
coming winter and, upon my return
to New York, I shall do all in my
power through the press and radio to
relay what I have seen."
Soviet Zone Agency
Marshal V. Sokolovsky, Military
Governor of the Soviet Zone of Ger-
many, was quoted in a Soviet News
Office dispatch published in all Soviet-
controlled newspapers as approving
the setting-up of a top German econo-
mics commission for the -Soviet Zone.
The SNB dispatch said Marshal So-
kolovsky issued an order "which, as
a basis for cooperation among the
leading German bodies, approves the
agreement concluded on 10 February
1947 between the central administra-
tions for industry, fuel power, trade
and commerce, and the governments
of the Laender and provinces of the
Soviet Occupation Zone." The dis-
patch continued:
"The proposal of 'the German eco-
nomic authorities have been met by
the establishment of a permanent
economic commission and an indepen-
dent economic branch for an exact
coordination of the work of the Ger-
man economics administrations.
"Members of this commission are
the presidents of the central adminis,
trations for industry, transport, fuel
and power, agriculture, and trade and
supply. Furthermore, the chairman
of the Free German Trade Union
Association and the chairman of the
Mutual Farmer's Aid Organization are
to be members of the commission."
Personnel Changes
Dwight T. Griswold, who has been
Director of the Internal Affairs and
Communications Division, OMGUS,
since January, has left to assume his
new post as head of the US Mission
for Aid to Greece. His nomination to
the new post was confirmed unanim-
ously by the US Senate.
Col. Gordon E. Textor has assumed
his duties as Director of the Infor-
mation Control Division, OMGUS,
succeedingBrig. Gen.Robert A. McClure
who has returned to the United States
to head the New York office of the
War Departement's Civil Affairs Divi-
Waldemar Thorson has been named
Acting Chief, Control Office, OMGUS.
Col. David L. Robinson, who has been
Control Officer, is now in the United
Lt. Col. George E. Norton, Jr., has
been named Acting Adjutant General,
OMGUS, during the temporary absence
of Lt. Col. G. H. Garde.
Col. Louis G. Gibney has been
Acting Personnel Officer, OMGUS,
during the temporary absence of Col.
James T. Duke.
Lt. Col. Morris 0. Edwards served
as Acting Director of the Office of
Military Government for Wuerttem-
berg-Baden during the temporary ab-
sence of Sumner Sewall, the Director.
Maj. Gen. Withers A. Burress was
named Acting Commanding General,
US Ground and Service Forces, Europe,
during the temporary absence of Lt.
Gen. Clarence R. Huebner from EUCOM
23 JUNE 1947

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