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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 93 (May 1947)

Official instructions,   p. 16 PDF (660.4 KB)

Page 16

Organization, Command, and Ad-
ministration of Military Districts in
the US Zone of Germany and the
Bremen Enclave, AG 322 GCT-AGO,
Hq EUCOM, 5 April 1947. Amends
USFET letter of 31 January 1947.
Training for German Employees,
AG 230.033 GAP-AGE, Hq EUCOM,
14 April 1947. OMGUS indorsement
says an instructors manual is being
Quotas for Recreation Areas, Gar-
misch and Berchtesgaden, AG 354.1
SPP-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 16 April 1947.
Adds American Red Cross personnel
to previous letter of 24 March 1947.
Salaries of Indigenous Personnel,
Army Motion Picture Theaters, AG
230 GCT-AGE, Hq EUCOM, 17 April
1947. Provides interim regulations
pending amendment to SOP 84.
Authorized WAC Personnel for
Major Commands in European Com-
mand, AG 322 (WAC) GAP-AGP-B,
Hq EUCOM, 17 April 1947, Replaces
USFET letter of 10 January 1947.
Application of War Department
Orders "T"-Non Support of Depen-
dents, AG   230.74  GAP-AGE, Hq
EUCOM, 21 April 1947. Quotes
directive concerning debt complaints
against WD civilian employees.
Army Exchange Service Procure-
ment of Special Services Equipment
for Posts and Units, AG 400.12 SSP-
AGO, Hq EUCOM, 22 April 1947.
Replaces letter Hq ETO, AG 400.312
OpGA, of 4 June 1945.
Preparation of Estemate of Obli-
gations (Fund Requirements) for the
First Quarter, Fiscal Year 1948, AG
121.2 BFD-AGO, Hq EUCOM, 23 April
1947. Covers appropriated and indi-
genous fund requirements by appro-
priation, sub-appropriation and pro-
ject classification, and sets forth the
manner and form in which the
estimates are to be presented to the
Office of the Deputy Budget and
Fiscal Director, Hq EUCOM. Estimates
to be submitted to OMGUS for for-
warding must arrive at OMGUS by
26 May 1947.
Ammunition in Hands of Troops,
24 April 1947. Replaces USFET letters
of 17 October and 4 November 1946.
Includes form for monthly report.
Emergency Return of Dependents,
24 April 1947. Replaces USFET letter
AG 230 GAP-APO of 11 October 1946.
Cites provisions for cases of marital
Equipment Authorized by Tables of
Organization and Equipment, AG
400.34  GCT-AGO,    Hq    EUCOM,
25 April 1947. Requires the turning-
in of camouflage nets and sets before
1 June.
Circular  No. 22, Hq    EUCOM,
25 April 1947. Section I, Marriage,
amends USFET Cir 181 of 1946 as to
authority to approve or disapprove
applications for permission to marry
Germans. Section II, Rations and
Messing, amends USFET Cir 131 of
1946 as to "cook's work sheet" with
form as Annex R. Section III, Procure-
ment, Distribution, Rationing, and
Consumption of Class VI Supplies,
substitutes for Par 5d, EUCOM Cir 3
of 1947.
Plan for Reorganization of US
Forces in the European Command,
30 April 1947. Concerns Medical Plan
as Appendix D to Annex No. 2.
Circular No. 23, Hq EUCOM, 1 May
1947. Section I, Uniform Regulations-
Military Personnel, rescinds Sec 1 of
USFET Cir 151 of 1946 and amends
parts of USFET   Cir 10 of 1947.
Section II, Non-Expendable Organiza-
tional Equipment, lists classes of such
property that may be dropped from
property records on proper certificate.
Circular No. 24, Hq EUCOM, 2 May
1947. Section I, Aerial Dispersal cf
Insecticides, provides procedures for
utilization  of aircrafts for insect
control projects. Section II, Rotation
of Military Personnel to the US,
rescinds Par 2k, USFET Cir 147 of
1946. Section III, Storage and Hand-
ling of Explosives and Ammunition,
rescinds Sec III, USFET Cir 26 of
1946 and requires strict compliance
with the provisions of the appro-
priate manuals on these operations.
Section IV, Transfer of Enlisted Per-
sonnel, rescinds Sec III, USFET Cir 29
and Sec IV, USFET Cir 106 of 1946,
and designates commanders author-
ized to make these transfers.
Downgrading of CCS Papers, AG
380.01 (SS), OMGUS, 5 May 1947.
Concerns CCS 697V3.
Military  Government-Germany-
Ordinance No. 13, "Regulation of Sale.
Transfer, and Registration of Motor
Vehicles." Attached are copies of law
in both English and German. (See
separate item page 14.)
Interzonal Travel of German Civil-
ians, AG 200.4 (IA), OMGUS, 5 May'
1947. Implements Control Council
Directive No. 49.
Correspondence with   Allied  Re-
presentatives,- Staff Memo No. 22,
OMGUS, - 7 May 1947. Lists correct
grade,-- official position, and address
of ranking Allied personnel of the
Occupying Powers in Germany.
Laender Advised (Cont'd from p. 6)
alization of education. The proposals
of Wuerttemberg-Baden and Greater
Hessen would meet, I am sure, with
the satisfaction of all liberal edu-
cators everywhere. Bavaria prefers to
point out its contribution to the cul-
ture of the world under the system it
has always had. Bavaria can be proud
of the contribution which it has made
to the culture of the world.
Many civilizations which have liv-
ed in the past and contributed much
to the world because they lived in
the past have disappreared. I hope
that Bavaria is not revelling in re-
miniscenses of past glory, rather than
looking into the future. The future-
looking people of the world will
never be satisfied with an educational
system that does not offer to the
poorest child the same opportunity it
offers to the more fortunate child. I
would particularly urge that the
Education Minister of Bavaria attend
the educational meetings of the Laen-
derrat because I believe he would
have much to learn from his as-
sociates in Hesse and Wuerttemberg-
Copies of Official Instructions
listed in the Weekly Information
Bulletin may be obtained by
writing directly to the originating

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