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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 93 (May 1947)

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IMT Decree Excludes
Some from Amnesties
The so-called youth and Christmas
amnesties do net apply to members
of any organization found to be cri-
minal by the International Military
Tribunal.  Officers of Public Safety
Branch, IA&C Division, OMGUS, sta-
ted that persons in the following ca-
tegories are excluded from these am-
1. All persons who have been
Relichsleiter,  Gauleiter,  Kreisleiter,
Ortsgruppenleiter, or Amtsleiter on
the staffs of the Reichsleitung, Gau-
leitung, or Kreisleitung who were
appointed to or remained in such po-
sitions on or after 1 September 1939.
2. All persons officially accepted
as members of the Schutzstaffel (SS)
and members of the police force who
were members of the SS, but exclud-
ing persons who were members only
of the SS Riding Units, those who
were drafted into membership by the
state in such manner as to give them
no choice in the matter, and those
who had ceased to serve in the SS
prior to 1 September 1939.
3. All members of the Sicherheits-
dienst (SD) with the exception of
members of the Abwehr (counter-in-
telligence) who were transferred into
the SD and those who had ceased to
serve in the SD prior to I September
4. All membres of the Gestapo ex-
cept: those employed in clerical, jani-
torial, or similar unofficial, routine
tasks, Border Protection Personnel,
or Secret Field Police unless they
were also members of another section
of the Gestapo, and those who ceased
to serve in the Gestapo prior to 1 Sep-
tember 1939.
Pointing out that the International
Military Tribunal ruled that member-
ship in the Political Leadership Corps,
SD, and Gestapo was at all times
voluntary and that membership in the
SS was entirely voluntary until 1940,
the officials stated that the trials of
members of criminal organizations
will be entrusted to the public pro-
secutors and tribunals established un-
der the Law for Liberation from Na-
tional Socialism and Militarism. In
I            Scene of Restitution
Neuschwanstein, Romantic palace built in 1869-86 for King Ludwig II
of Bavaria, is the site of important restitution of cultural treasures
since the war. The palace, which suffered no war damage, was one of
the most important repositories of the Einsatzstab Rosenberg, including
some of the finest of the Rothschild holdings. There were also a few
Munich and Ansbach items recovered there. In three months in 1945
nearly 6,000 items were restituted from Neuschwanstein to Paris.
these trials procedural and substan-
tive provisions of the law will apply
insofar as they are consistent with
the findings of the International Mi-
litary Tribunal.
If in their trials former members of
these criminal organizations are found
to be followers or lesser offenders,
such findings will not exempt the re-
spondents from the sanctions pro-
vided by the law.
Expedite Requests
Liaison and Security Officers are
instructed by OMGUS to expedite the
applications of fiancees to go to the
United States, and to see that these
applications  reach  the  Combined
Travel Board by 30 May. Law No. 471
expires 30 June 1947 and all approved
fiancee applicants should be in the
United States by that time.
19 MAY 1947

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