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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 87 (April 1947)

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Re-education and Economy
The democratic re-education of Germany
"must go hand-in-hand" with a healthy
economy, said Dwight P. Griswold, Director
of the Internal Affairs and Communications
Division, OMGUS, recently in discussing the
affairs 'of the Education Branch of the
Division. His statement in connection with
this relationship follows:
At the present time there are some people
of the opinion that no further steps should
be taken to rebuild the German economy until
definite proof can be given that the German
nation has been re-educatedl to democratic
ways. However, it would seem that these
people are overlooking a very important
fact: that democratic re-education and a
healthy economy must go hand in hand.
A revived German economy is essential to
the re-education of Germany for two reasons.
First, the material factors of education-
teachers, textbooks, paper, the building and
repair of schoolhouses - all demand an
economy which can support them much more
adequately than is now the case. Second,
and just as important, a healthy economy
produces a state of mind among the people
which makes them much more willing to
accept a democratic way of life. An imposed
system of economy which does not permit
the German people to maintain a standard
of living equal to that invisioned in the
Potsdam Agreement will make impossible
the task of German re-education.
The re-education of Germany must be suc-
cessful if she is ever again to become a
member of the peace-loving nations. How-
ever, without a strong economy to support
our education program, that program will in
all likelihood fail, and Germany will once
again fall into the ways of totalitarianism.
Camp Goods to Youth Groups
The Bipartite Economic Panel has ap-
proved the request of US Military Govern-
ment for the transfer to German youth groups
of 1,500,000 dollars worth of US Army
surplus camping equipment, to be charged
against the German economy, Tents, cots.
blankets, sterilizing equipment, axes, sleep-
ing bags, and kerosene lanterns will be dis-
tributed by Land Youth Committees on a-
loan basis to camping groups in such a way
that they may be used by the greatest pos-
sible number of German youth during the
coming camping season.
Conferences of MG, Army, and German
youth leaders in each of the Laender in April
and a Zone-wide conference in May will
make final plans for the summer youth pro-
gram, with emphasis on camping and as-
sociated recreational projects.
More than 300,000 German youth are ex-
pected to take part in the program this year.
The YMCA plans to handle arrangements
for about 80,000 of these, and other groups
such as youth hostels will also aid in making
the camping program successful. The Army
will furnish transportation and all possible
cooperation and aid; but it is stressed that
in all phases of the program the initiative
must come from the Germans themselves.
Trustees for Farben Units
The break-up of the I. G. Farbenindustrie
A. G. into independent and self-sustaining
units in the US Zone was inaugurated last
month with the appointment of German
trustees for four former Farben units in
Wuerttemberg-Baden, nine in Hesse, and
seven in Bavaria. Altogether, 51 former
Farben units in the US Zone are to become
separate companies.
The trustees were nominated by the Ger-
man ministries and approved by MG author-
ities. The trusteeships are a temporary
measure, pending final disposal of the units
to separate corporations which are to be or-
ganized by the trustees. Previously title to
the units had been vested with the four oc-
cupying powers.
"I. G. Farben, six months from now, will
only be a bad memory," said Richardson
Bronson, Deputy Control Officer for I. G.
Farben, Economic Division,- OMGUS, in
presenting the appointment to one trustee at
a ceremony in Stuttgart.

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